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We pack our boxes ... to serve you better!

June 8th 2012

Everyone is busy in the boxes for the big move to be held in the coming days. The present premises were rendered too small to meet demand. The new premises will therefore be very spacious, double the current space in fact.

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New canadian passports with electronic chip

April 20th 2012
New canadian passport

Passport Canada has announced that by the end of 2012, the new passports will be equipped with an electronic chip, much like credit cards or debit have since some years. Several countries already use this technology, including U.S., UK and France.

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Certified hotels in Dominican Republic

February 28th 2012
Certified beaches in Dominican Republic

... This is why certain certifications, such as blue flags, are created to provide recognition to resorts that meet some criterion such as: providing information on water quality, have a beach code and ensure a monitoring of coral reefs where appropriate.

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The most frequently asked questions and answers!

February 23rd 2012
travel agents office

With 100 000 travels bookings every year, our travel agents team have to answer numerous questioning. Here are some frequently asked questions and the more commons responses.

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What is your favorite romantic travel destination?

February 10th 2012
South romantic vacations

Only a few days before Valentine's Day! Dream-day for those who will receive a gift! But preparations sometimes turn to the puzzle for those who offer. If your schedules permit you, a romantic travel is a wonderful idea.

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Mayan Riveria, Mexico: Beaches and history in the same travel package

February 2nd 2012
Chichen Itza, Mexico

Knowing the attractions near, in the peninsula of Yucatan, becomes then very useful! If you are fascinated by history, you will find in this Mexican region of which to occupy your thirst of discovery.

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Dominican Republic also have his carnival!

January 20th 2012
Dominican Republic have is carnival in february

The Rio carnival is surely the best known in our northern regions. But did you know that Dominican Republic also have its own Carnival? The most popular of all activities is the carnival of La Vega...

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Some tips for planning your next south vacations

January 6th 2012
planning great south vacations

Planning a trip to the south or to sunny destination can be a source of stress. Is this really what I reach? Are the conditions of the hotel were as expected? Do I pay the best price? Here are some tips to help you achieve the ultimate goal: fully enjoy your vacation!

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