What happens in Vegas stays... On this blog! (part 1)

October 30, 2014 -

What happens in Vegas stays... On this blog!

I’ve been sold on Las Vegas. I’ll soon be going back for my eighth time.

In these articles, I’ll be happy to share with you my favorite things to do, my advice and everything I know about this destination I love so much!

Whenever I book a trip to Vegas, I always hear the same thing: “Again???”

Yes, again!

So why do I love this city so much? I fell in love with it the first time I went in 2006. The atmosphere there is always festive and everyone is in a good mood. There’s something in the air that makes the city magical. A little like Disneyland, but for adults.

The climate is a big advantage for this destination. From November to March, it’s usually a bit cooler (on average between 10 and 20 degrees). The time of year when the climate is best is between April and June and from September to late October. It get extremely hot in July and August (don’t forget you’re in the desert!). Even though it’s very hot in the summer, the climate is dry, so there’s none of the humidity you’d get in Quebec. There is no rainy season, so the temperature is (almost exactly) predictable! The evenings are usually cool and comfortable.

As for hotels, I admit that I like travelling on the cheap, so I prefer getting 3-4 trips per year on a smaller budget than only one that cost me an arm and a leg. I’ll be talking more about my experiences, but just know that Vegas offers a very wide range of hotels for every taste and every budget. To find the hotel that’s right for you, feel free to speak to one of our agents at 844-PAS-CHER!

My favorite hotel is The Flamingo. It’s extremely well located – right at the heart of the action of the Strip. The rooms have been renovated and even the most basic room (the “Go Room”) is very nice! The hotel + flight package is often a great price.

The common areas (restaurants, halls, elevators, and casino) need a little freshening up. It’s old, which is plain to see, but you won’t be sleeping in the hallways, so in my opinion, this doesn’t really matter! And you should really give it a chance: it’s one of the oldest hotels on the Strip (see “Viva Las Vegas” with Elvis!). And what can I say about the pool: it’s very nice with a festive atmosphere! It’s a nice break from the suffocating heat of the desert. There are also real pink flamingos in the hotel’s wonderful gardens.

As long as we’re talking cheap, there’s also Bally’s. I went last April, and I admit that it was a little disappointing compared with the Flamingo. The rooms were a little run down, and needed some love. I was disappointed to see that the cleanliness left something to be desired. As long as you’re going, opt for the Jubilee rooms, which have been renovated. However, the service is unrivaled, especially at reception! Outstanding! The common areas are nice and well kept. There is good Mexican bar where I had some wonderful margaritas!

I’ve also stayed at the Monte Carlo, which for me, was a very nice discovery. It’s still on the Strip, and has nice, well-kept rooms and a good atmosphere! Did you know there’s an ice bar at the hotel? At the Minus 5 Lounge, you’ll be greeted with coats and gloves. Sipping a cocktail in a glass made of ice in the middle of the Nevada desert – you need to try it once!


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