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Emergency Medical Expenses

Louis’ Travel Plans

Louis, a 37-year-old man planned a strip in Varadero, Cuba, and chose a Deluxe Package that contains Emergency Medical Insurance for an additional $80.

What Went Wrong? :
While sailing, Louis accidentally hit his head and suffered severe injuries. His medical bills amounted to nearly $450,000.

How Travel Insurance Helped :

  • Emergency Medical Insurance covered the costs of Louis’ medical emergency.
  • We paid for the rescue effort to evacuate Louis off the sea to the local hospital.
  • We paid to move Louis to a major centre for critical treatment.
  • We paid to fly his wife to his bedside.
  • We arranged and paid for his air ambulance trip home when he was fit to travel and pursue his treatments in Canada.
  • We arranged to pay medical costs directly so that he did not have to get involved in the billing process.

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Total Claim $450,000
Gov’t Health Insurance Plan Paid $29,000
The traveler paid $80

Travel Insurance

Interrupted Trip

A couple’s Travel Plans :
The Johnston, a young couple, planned a one-week trip in Dominican Republic. Their trip included roundtrip airfare and a stay at a resort. They purchased Cancellation & Interruption Insurance. For only 120$, their investment was safe.

What Went Wrong? :
The Johnston’s had to interrupt their trip after receiving news that Mrs. Johnston’s mother had suffered from internal bleeding back home. They had to fly home early and missed the remainder of their vacation.

How Travel Insurance Helped :
Cancellation & Interruption Insurance refunded the couple $1,475 for the cost of air fare home, their unused land arrangements and out-of-pocket expenses. The Johnston’s definitely made a good choice when buying this insurance.

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Total Claim $2,575
The Travel Insurance Paid $2,575
Out-of-Pocket Expenses (ex: taxi to airport) $250
Emergency Return Air Fare $1,475
Unused Non-refundable Travel Arrangements $850
The traveler paid $120

Travel Insurance

Cancelled Trip

A Family’s Travel Plans

The McCain family decided to take a two-week all-inclusive vacation in Panama, for $8,000. Because they already had adequate medical insurance, they thought that they should purchase Non-Medical Package that includes Cancellation & Interruption Insurance, which is a complement to their medical insurance. It was offered for 320$..

What Went Wrong?.

Aimée, their six-year-old, came down with chicken pox the day before departure.

How Travel Insurance Helped.

We refunded the McCain family the entire cost of their non-refundable pre-paid arrangements, totalling $8,000. When Aimée recovered, the family was able to rebook their trip with their travel agent. They had no second thoughts when they opted again for our Non Medical Package.

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Total Claim $8,000
The Travel Insurance Paid $8,000
The traveler paid $320

Travel Insurance

Offered Protections

Unlimited Medical Protection

A family was travelling in the western United-States. An accident caused their minivan to roll over several times. The parents suffered severe injuries.

RBC helped that family. They…managed their medical emergency.arranged for direct payment of all medical bills.The family had nothing to pay.h3. Protection Against Financial Lossp. A couple planned a two-week vacation costing $2,398. Just before leaving on their trip, one of them came down with a sudden illness, and they had to cancel their trip.

The couple had purchased Deluxe Package from us that included cancellation insurance. They got their money back and reserved the same trip as soon as they were both able to travel.

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How to get a travel insurance:

This section of the site tells you how and why to get a travel insurance. What type of insurance suits you, protections, exclusions and limitations proposed to travellers. Moreover, in this section, you will learn the limitations of the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec when it comes to travels in Canada and abroad.

Regularly, in the media, you can hear about the problems encountered by people travelling abroad without travel insurance. Sometimes families must organize fundraising campaigns in order to repatriate one of their members or to pay for hospital and medical expenses. A mere ski or beach getaway can have important financial consequences in case of an accident. Do not take that chance pointlessly.

Travel insurances are for people travelling outside the Province. They offer protection against UNFORESEEN and URGENT expenses, such as health care in case of accident or illness, replacement costs in case of loss, theft or breakage or against financial losses following a death. Do not forget that your travel insurance complements the coverage offered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.

Insurance contracts can cover:Emergency medical expenses,Cancellation before departure or trip interruptionLoss, theft or breakage of your luggageTravel assistance services

Who offers travel insurance:

Your travel agent can advise you about the right protection for you, up to the eve of your departure.

Sometimes, your job contract, your financial institution or your credit card. In those cases, make sure to abide by the subscription conditions and to verify your insurance coverage limitations.

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