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General informations

Who is CheaperVacations.com/VoyagesARabais.com?

CheaperVacations.com/Voyages à rabais, a 100% Quebec agency, has chosen to develop unique online tools via the Internet while retaining a traditional approach to its Mauricie region branch. You'll find the same products than the ones in other agencies, with the same safeguards and legal protections but with an important difference: *La TOTALE guarantee. Originally, CheaperVacations.com/voyagesarabais.com was only a division of a small agency and thanks to the enthusiastic response of our customers, CheaperVacations.com/Voyages à rabais has become the largest travel agency in Quebec specializing in southern vacations packages.


Do you have a permit from the Office de la protection du Consommateur?

Like every Quebec agencies in good standing, CheaperVacations.com/VoyagesARabais.com holds a permit issued by the Office de la protection du Consommateur (Customer Protection Office), whose number is 702472. This permit is bound to the respect of strict rules that have been put in place to ensure quality services. In addition, the OPC has recently created a collective security fund to which all agencies must contribute.


My Profile

How to change my avatar ?

Login with you username and password.Then, click on "edit my profile" located at the top right. In the field "avatar", browse to find an image on your computer that is less than 2 megabytes and hit the "enter" button located at the bottom right.


How to add the number of days before my next trip next to my avatar?

Click on the link "edit my profile" then on "your preferences". Select "yes" in "Display the number of days before leaving". If you have purchased a trip at VoyagesARabais.com CheaperVacations.com with the same email address that the one related to your account, the number of days before your next trip will be displayed once you login. In all other cases, log onto the site and click on "My Trips". Then click on "create a trip." After creating of the trip, you will see the number of days before your next trip.


Rewards Club

Refer friends and win big…

Receive reward club points that can be exchanged as you please for travel discounts, premiums or gift certificates… Refer first time cheapervacations.com customers to qualify. It’s easy, ask for your reference code, write it in Step 4 of the reservation that your reference will complete and earn the same number of rewards points as you would travelling yourself. Start earning bonus rewards today… ask for your reference code without delay. points@voyagesarabais.com

What is the Rewards Club and how can I collect Rewards points?

The Rewards Club is a rewards club like many others on the market. So you get points for every purchase made through our websites: http://cheapervacations.com, http://www.voyagesarabais.com or through an agent, by phone. The number of points may vary depending on the package purchased, the tour operator and the method used for reservation. Moreover, you get bonus points on special occasions like your birthday or special promotions.

After your trip, points are automatically added to your account. Points can be exchanged for merchandise, gift certificates or discounts on your next trip. Simply create your account now if you do not own one yet. Simple, easy, with no obligations of your part and above all, entirely FREE!


What can I get in exchange for my Rewards Club points?

Points are exchangeable for a number of gifts, like gift certificates at participating retailers, or discounts on your next reservations. Check under the heading "Rewards Gift" for more details.


How can I check the number of points in my account?

Just click on the "My Trips" tab, then on the "Points History" tab to find out the balance in your account as well as the details for past transactions.


Quels sont les détails pour l'utilisation du crédit voyage échangé contre des points?

Lorsque vous échangez vos points du Club Privilège pour obtenir un crédit voyage de Voyages à Rabais, celui-ci vous est envoyé par courriel, dans un délai de quelques jours à quelques semaines.

Le crédit voyage est valide un an à partir de la date d'émission et est applicable sur une réservation de n'importe quel produit de Voyages à Rabais. Un seul crédit voyage de Voyages à Rabais par réservation. Le crédit est non monnayable, non transférable et doit être appliqué avant le départ. Peut être jumelé à un certificat cadeau et un crédit voyage d'un voyagiste.


I've lost / forgotten my access codes, what should I do?

In case you lost your access codes for your Rewards Club account, you can retrieve them using the form provided for that purpose, located on the homepage of the Rewards Club. Just click on Forgotten Password. Fill the form and, within minutes, you will receive an email with all the necessary information to login again. If you are still unable to login please email points@voyagesarabais.com for support.


I've changed my email address. What should I do.

If you changed your internet service provider or, if for any reason, you wish to change your email address, you must make a modification to your profile.

To change it, you must login your account with your old address (as you would normally) and go change your email address to the new one.

You will receive a confirmation email to the new address to confirm this change (to prevent a malicious person to take possession of your account). Once confirmation is completed, you can use your account as before. It is the only way you continue collect points in the same account. If you send a new demand, you will create a second account and points from both accounts can't be combined.


I have more than one account. Can I combined them?

No. It is not possible to combine two different accounts. You can exchange the points cumulated in one account and continue to collect points in the other account.

Points are automatically registered to the email address used for the reservation. You get to decide which account you want to use to collect your points.


We are a group of persons on the same reservation, who gets the points?

Every reservation is treated the same. The points are automatically sent to the email address used to make the reservation. we can not split those points between different accounts.


I have not received the confirmation email after registering, what should I do?

If you have not received the confirmation email of your reservation after 48 hours, and you have checked that it did not end up in your Spam Mail, please send a email to points@voyagesarabais.com and we will promptly correct the situation.


I still have codes-points, where can I register them?

Points are now automatically added to to your account when you get back from your trip. You do not receive codes-points anymore and you can't register your points with them.

If you were late in registering your points and if you still have unredeemed codes-points, please send a email to points@voyagesarabais.com and we will make to adjustments to your account. Please note that codes dating from more than one year are no longer valid.


I did'n received my points according to my last reservation?

Ponts are automatically deposited in your account one week after your return. Points are also sent to the same email address you used when you made your reservation. Any question? send a email to points@voyagesarabais.com


I did not get the points for my friend's last reservation?

To get referral points it has to be your friend's first reservation with us. Points are sent to your account one week after their return. If you still haven't received you referral points more than one week after your friends has returned from their trip, please send us an email at points@voyagesarabais.com


I haven't yet received the points I got for a booking before November 2010

Si vous avez acheté votre voyage entre 2003 et 2006, vous receviez par la poste des coupons points que vous pouviez retourner avec vos paiements pour remboursement. Ces coupons ont été ajustés en valeur par la suite quand nous avons passé au second système de pointage.

Si vous avez acheté un voyage entre 2006 et 2008, vous receviez par la poste des coupons points. Vous deviez vous inscrire sur le site de Voyages à Rabais *créer un compte privilège* en ensuite vous deviez entrer manuellement dans votre compte les codes points inscrits sur les coupons pour accumuler ces points. Vous pouviez par la suite échanger ces points contre différents articles de la boutique privilège.

Si vous avez acheté un voyage entre 2008 en octobre 2010, vous receviez par courriel un code points, une fois votre voyage effectué, que vous deviez copier et coller dans votre compte pour accumuler ces points. Vous pouviez ensuite échanger ces points contre différents articles du club privilège.

Si vous avez acheté un voyage entre novembre 2010 et maintenant.. Les points seront déposés automatiquement, une semaine suivant votre retour de voyage dans le compte associé à l'adresse courriel que vous entrez au moment de faire votre réservation.
Si c'est votre premier achat avec cette adresse courriel, le compte est généré automatiquement et les points y seront déposés une semaine suivant votre retour de voyage. Il n'est plus nécessaire de créer un compte.
Si un compte existe déjà, les points y seront donc déposés.

Il n'est pas possible de jumeler les comptes, il n'est pas possible de transférer des points entre les comptes. Utilisez donc, la même adresse courriel pour faire vos réservations.

Si, un ami que vous référez, inscris votre code de référence, à l'étape 4 de sa réservation, dans la case *code de référence* vous accumulez, en même temps que lui, le même nombre de points. c'est payant de référer des amis! Demandez votre code de référence sans tarder !

Pour demander votre code de référence, communiquez avec nous à points@voyagesarabais.com en mentionnant que vous désirez recevoir votre code référence.



How to order my free calendar ?

Note the promotional code in the email from CheaperVacations.com sent the day following your reservation.

Download the free software Album Pro by clicking here.

Create, order and receive the free Pro Table calendar of your trip.

*Details of the free offer
The offer is only applicable on the pro table calendar with a value of $ 15.99. Only the cost of shipping and handling and sales taxes are billed in the order.
The delivery costs and handling of the pro table calendar are $ 7.95 and $ 2.95 for each additional item up to a maximum of $ 19.75 per order into Canada.
Limit of one pro table calendar per reservation. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.
The order will be shipped 4 to 9 business days after payment confirmation.
The creation, transmission and payment of each order are made exclusively from the Album Pro software. An update may be required to receive this offer.
The offer can be modified or ended without notice.
The product may differ from the image.


Our warranty "La Totale"

Please give me an example of how your " LA TOTALE " guarantee works.

Let's say you buy an all inclusive holiday package to Varadero on September 1st. Your trip is scheduled to leave on December 1st . The price you paid is 1,300.00 $ per adult. On september 3rd, you notice that the price of you trip has droped to 1175.00 $. You then decide to apply the "LA TOTALE" guarantee. All you have to do is fill out the form on our website. Upon return from your trip, you will receive by mail, a travel credit check in the amount of $ 125.00 per adult. latotale@voyagesarabais.com


What is going to happen when I want to use my travel credit check?

Isn't it just fantastic ? First, you benefit from the LOWEST PRICE, 100 % GARANTEED by CheaperVacations.com and, IN ADDITION, at the time of your purchase you will be able to apply your travel credit check! The travel credit is applicable on the purchase of a vacation package for 7 days or plus. Your new reservation can be made by phone, on our website or in house. You must mention that you received a credit check from us. latotale@voyagesarabais.com


What must I do to obtain the travel credit in case the price drops?

There is nothing easier. You just have a small form to fill and to submit on our website. Everything is automatic. You will receive an email with your travel credits over the following days. Here is an example of the procedure :

  1. Search our booking system for the same package (same hotel, same departure date, same tour operator, same room type etc ...) that you have already pre-booked.

  2. Click to verify access to Step 3 - Verification. Click validator stamp

  3. Once the validator stamp displayed, make a screenshot of the details of the package and another captured for the price (using the button 'Print. screen' or 'PrtScr' on your keyboard)

  4. Create a new email using your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, or other) and paste your screenshot in the body of the email.
  5. Send this email to: latotale@voyagesarabais.com indicationf your original booking number as the subject(depending on tour operator ).
  6. Complete the claim form and send it to us.

  7. delay in processing your application may be several days.
  8. You will receive your travel voucher under the terms of our guarantee by email following the processing of your application if all the elements necessary for its treatment are inclosed.
  9. Note that this is the only way to proceed. No other request of any other way will be accepted.


If the price drops, at what point must I choose between receive the REWARDS CLUBS points and the gift certificate or the travel credit?

At this point, it is completely up to you! If the price only drops a few dollars, it may be better for you to keep the REWARDS CLUB points and your gift certificate instead of asking for your travel credit. Your other option is to wait a little more until the price drops more and then receive a bigger travel credit… Beware, keep in mind, when making this decision that the price may rise again or the product may no longer be available. latotale@voyagesarabais.com


When will I receive my travel credit ?

You will receive everything between 6 to 8 weeks after you return from your trip. latotale@voyagesarabais.com


What is the difference between a gift certificate and a travel credit?

You know the exact amount of the gift certificate before you make your booking. This certificate is directly connected to the booking itself. As for the travel credit, it is variable and its amount is only known, when applicable, after you have booked your package. Finally, the travel credit is applicable on your next booking.

In summary, when booking online at CheaperVacations.com, you get the best of both worlds! If the price of your puchase does not go down, you got the lowest price available at the time of booking and if the price does go down, IN ADDITION TO YOUR PAID PRICE you get a travel credit that may reach up to $150.00 per adult! latotale@voyagesarabais.com


What happens if the $ 500,000.00 budget alocated to this incredible promotion runs out?

CheaperVacations.com offers a TOTALLY FREE guarantee that no other travel agency has ever dared to offer. For this promotion, we had to determine a maximum available amount because, despite everything, some financial factors remain unknown to us, and only time and experience can provide us with the right answers. In the event that the amount of $ 500,000.00 would not be enough, an additional amount could be added or, simply, The "La Totale" Guarantee could no longer be offered. latotale@voyagesarabais.com


Are there some exclusions?

There are no specific exclusions, however, in case of special emergency or (beyond our control) events which may occur within the travel industry (e.g. plane crash, closure of a destination or a tour operator, war or infectious disease, etc..) then THE "La Totale" GUARANTEE Protection would no longer be applicable for and during the period affected by the said events. Not applicable on a discounted package through a tour operator. Not applicable on Boxing Day.


What are de details about the refund in case of a price drop?

This procedure applies ONLY to new web booking The request must be made within 7 days (168 hours) after the booking.

The request must be made 18 days (432 hours) before the departure.

The Guarantee is Not applicable when there is a programming error.

Not applicable for a tour operator promotional package or for any tour operator limited promotion.

It can only be applied once per booking and at the time chosen by the customer himself, within all regulations established before.

The travel credit check will be valid for a period of one year from the original request date, and applicable only on new bookings.

A maximum of $ 150.00 per adult, or a minimum of $ 5.00 per adult will be granted. The entire promotion has a maximum value of $ 500,000.00.

The request must be made for the EXACT same package with the same tour operator, at the same time of travel, with the same inclusions and the same flight.

Subject to change and / or end without any further notice. All details to this promotion are avalable on our website at CheaperVacations.com.

The client loses his Rewards Club points and his gift cards, travel credit or instant rebate.

A complete holiday package includes round-trip flight, all-inclusive hotel room for a minimum of 7 nights, transfers between airport and hotel and back. Also, a tour operator's representative will be available for you at your destination. This promotion may be modified or canceled at any time without further notice. Not applicable to any discounted package available in our Rewards Club or through our newsletter.

Only one credit voucher will be issued for the entire booking with the name of each passenger entitled to the travel credit. The voucher must be fully and completely used on one sole new booking. If, for some reason, not all passengers are travelling on the new booking, the travel credit will only apply to those travelling. The travel credit is always issued on behalf of all passengers on the original booking. This promotion can not be combined with any similar promotion from any tour operator. Keep in mind that priority is always given to the Tour operator. With its website, CheaperVacations.com is, at all time, committed to always offer the LOWEST PRICE possible, under the terms and conditions of each and every tour operator. When applying for the "La Totale" Guarantee, the client must follow some simple procedures available on our website at CheaperVacations.com. The newest low price will be available at CheaperVacations.com upon request. The screenshot of the new price must be made within 15 minutes before sending the email. After submitting your application, you will receive an email with all details and procedures to be followed. Any attempt to fraud will automatically cancel the client rights to receive added values and travel credit. latotale@voyagesarabais.com


What are the details of the promotion CANCELLATION WITHOUT CHARGE?

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND AND DECIDE NOT TO TRAVEL NO LATER THAN 7 DAYS BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE DATE, NO MATTER YOUR REASON, THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH CHEAPERVACATIONS.COM! YOU WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT FOR THE AMOUNT PAID FOR THE TRIP, APPLICABLE ON A FUTURE TRIP! Applicable to any new Internet booking of a vacation package made with certain tour operators whose list is attached below and ONLY on CheaperVacations.com (exclusive promotion) starting September 1, 2009 for packages booked at least 18 days before the day of departure. Applicable only once per reservation at the time chosen by the customer himself. Internet booking only. This guarantee can not be applied on a booking subject to a claim under the "price drop" guarantee (accepted or not by the customer or CheaperVacations.com.) The credit will be valid and applicable to a new bookings, a new departure date, with the same tour operator as the original reservation and only with varvacations.com for one year from the date of original booking, subject to the maximum amount paid by the customer. Travel must be made in full during the year following the date of the original booking. The request must be made within 7 days from the date of departure. Subject to change and / or termination without notice. All the details on our website www.varvacations.com. This promotion may be modified or revoked at any time without notice. Once cancellation is made without fees, the new reservation can not be made within 15 days following the date of cancellation of the original booking, or for a departure within 15 days and / or before the date of original booking . A vacation package includes the return trip flight, all inclusive hotel for a minimum of 7 nights, transfers between airport / hotel / airport and the tour operator's representative onsite at the destination. The credit is non-transferable and non refundable and must be applied within one year from the date of original booking. If the new reservation is made at a lower rate than the amount of travel credit, no cash refunds will be possible. If the new booking is made at a higher rate than the amount of credit, only the difference will be payable. The credit is cancelled if not used within one year following the date of the original booking. Available only to residents of Canada. One travel voucher will be issued for the entire booking with the names of every adult who is entitled to travel credit. The voucher must be used only once on a single new booking at the phone or in person. In the case everyone is not present on the new reservation, the credit will be applicable only to those present. The credit is always issued on behalf of passengers of the original booking. Can not be combined with a similar promotion with a tour operator, the latter always having priority. THE CANCELLATION WITHOUT CHARGE UP TO 7 DAYS PROMOTION IS AVAILABLE STARTING September 1, 2009 WITH THE FOLLOWING TOURS OPERATORS: Signature, Sunwing and CaribeSol latotale@voyagesarabais.com



Luggage for cruises

You can bring one large suitcase per passenger (or two small ones), and a carry-on bag (a purse does not count as a carry-on). It is also recommended to have in your carry-on items that you may need on the first day of your cruise. This way, even if your luggage has not been yet delivered to your cabin, you will be able to enjoy all of the amenities as soon as you board the cruise ship. It is forbidden to bring the following items in your luggage : weapons and amunition, explosives, fireworks and bangers, compressed or liquefied gases (inflammable, non inflammable, coolant, irritable and toxic), such as campingaz, light gun, gun with infectious and toxic substances, corrosive and radioactive substances, and finally any illicit objects.

Little tip : If your suitcase has a classic color (black, grey or red), it would be desirable to give it a personal touch (color ruban or sticky label) in order to more easily recognize your suitcase during the different steps of your trip. Also, we suggest that you put a luggage label inside your suitcase. Never put your passports, visas, licenses, medicines, cruise documents or flight tickets in the luggage you check-in. Keep those items with you. However, you can keep a copy of your passport and travel documents in your suitcase.

Your luggage will need to be identified with the labels provided to you in your travel envelope along with your cruise tickets.


What to put in a suitcase?

At Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line, the style is pretty casual ; you can bring shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Cocktail dresses and three-piece suits will be appropriate on luxurious companies such as Seabourn or Regent Seven Seas.

The essentials are light pants (in linen or in cotton), sweaters/shawls/cardigans for cooler evenings or air conditioned spaces. For land excursions, bring walking/sport shoes or shoes with a flat sole. Also in the essentials : sunglasses, bathing suit, hat and sunscreen. That way, you will avoid sunstroke and fully enjoy the caribbean sun.

Do not forget to bring workout clothes and shoes in case you wish to use the equipment and enjoy different fitness classes that are offered on the ship.

Also bring a few formal outfits in your suitcase, regardless of the company with whom you will be travelling. These outfits will be appropriate for some of the special evenings organized by the cruise company (2 or 3 evenings could be organized depending on the duration of the cruise). For example, with an 8 day cruise journey with Carnival, there is one captain's evening and one gala evening. With Carnival, the formal evenings do not require a tuxedo or a cocktail dress, but more like a classic outfit such as a summer dress for woman and a shirt and dress pants for man.

For a 12 day cruise with Royal Caribbean, there is one captain's evening and two gala evenings. When you travel with this company, it is recommended that men wear a shirt and tie and that women wear a dress.

N.B.: On all ships, a tuxedo rental service is offered.

High heel shoes are forbidden on the outside decks (in order to protect the wood).

Almost all ships offer a laundry service (even dry cleaning), but it can easily become expensive. You can bring detergent to wash your clothes by hand in your cabin.

In the daily program « Today » given on board, you will find all of the details of the suggested dress code; formal or casual.

Dress code definition (dining room):

Casual style
Think golf clothing. T-shirts, jeans and shorts are not allowed.
Informal style
Think « business casual ». Women wear a dress or a pantsuit, and men, a light blazer.
Formal style
Women are expected to wear a cocktail dress or an evening gown. Men should wear a business suit or a dinner suit.

List of toiletries :

  • Hair products: shampoo, conditioner, hairspray.
  • Accessories: comb, brush, hair ties.
  • Shower gel, easier to bring than soap.
  • Deodorant, antiperspirant.
  • Perfume.
  • Toothbrush, tooth paste, dental floss, mouth wash
  • Sunscreen, after sun lotion
  • Razor, if needed.

NB: A hair dryer is provided in each cabin. For all of your electric items, sockets are provided with a 110V operating power.

Pharmacy list :

  • Adhesive bandages.
  • Antiseptic.
  • Compress.
  • Health booklet.
  • Blood group card.
  • Treatment cream for sunburns.
  • Medications (bring enough for the whole trip. Generally, ships only have the most common medications on board even some ports of call may be unable to help you). In case of a loss, think of bringing a list of your medications, including the dosage, timing of the medicine intake, and the generic names of the medications. Keep in mind that you will have restricted or no access to a pharmacy on the ship or in the foreign ports.
  • Insect repellent
  • Anti-nausea pills

Carry-on list:
It is forbidden to bring food and beverages in your carry-on bags and in the ship's cabin.

  • Camera and video camera (do not forget additional film roles, memory cards, batteries, chargers, etc).
  • Credit and debit cards.
  • Jewelry
  • Travel and insurance documentation (police insurance number and insurance company's emergency phone number)
  • Laptop, computer accessories.
  • Binoculars
  • DVD, CD
  • Mobile phones
  • Medical prescriptions, if applicable.
  • American money for your expenses at the calls (avoid bringing a large amount of money in cash), some shops will accept traveller's cheques, redeemable on the ship.
  • Bring a second pair of glasses in case of a loss or in case your main pair becomes damaged.


Documents to keep during the trip

For boarding on the ship:

  • Electronic documents.
  • Passport (Mandatory. It is essential that your passport is valid for the whole duration of the cruise and for some calls, the passport must be valid 3 or 6 months after your return).
  • Credit card registered at the moment of the pre-registration.


Cabin types

Every cabin is equipped with a private bathroom, a safe, a furnished ($) mini-bar, a television and a hair dryer.

Oceanview cabin
Cabin with a window (porthole) and an ocean view (availabilities depend on departure date, fares are upon request).
Balcony cabin
Cabin with a window (porthole) and a glass door leading to a private balcony.

Carnival Cruises cabin types

Every cabin is equipped with single beds that can become a king size bed once positioned side by side. However, if at the time of your arrival, the beds are not as you would expect them to be, you can make a request to the cabin staff and they will change the layout where possible within the next 24 hours. With Carnival this kind of request cannot be made at the time of the reservation.

Inside cabin
Category 4B 185p2 Deck Riviera(4) or Upper(5) Economic and comfortable. Ideal for those who want to fully take advantage of the ship amenities and use their cabin mainly to change or to sleep.
Balcony cabin
Category 8B 230 p2 Deck Riviera(4) or Upper(5) Spacious and luminous. The balcony cabin is perfect for a couple / a family or friends who want to have some space to enjoy their privacy. With an oceanside balcony, this cabin is very much appreciated by guests looking for some alone time. This cabin is equipped with a porthole window and a glass door leading to a private balcony. Balconies are separated by an opaque partition. The cabins are a non-smoking environment, but smoking is allowed on balconies.

Royal Caribbean cabin types

Some cabins are equipped with single beds and others with king size beds. It is possible to make a request at the time of the reservation. The cabins are equipped with a television, a small fridge, a safe and a bathroom with a shower and a hair dryer.

Inside cabin
Category N 158 p2 Deck 6-7-8 Economic and comfortable. Ideal for those who want to fully take advantage of the ship amenities and mainly use their cabin to change or to sleep.
Oceanview cabin
Category I 161p2 Deck 2 A little more spacious than the inside cabin, this cabin is recommended for families or friends who appreciate an ocean view.
Balcony cabin
Category E1 162p2 + balcony 42p2 Deck 6-7-8 Spacious and luminous. The balcony cabin is perfect for a couple / a family or friends who want to have some space to enjoy their privacy. With an oceanside balcony, this cabin is very much appreciated by guests looking for some alone time. This cabin is equipped with a porthole window and a glass door leading to a private balcony. Balconies are separated by an opaque partition. The cabins are a non-smoking environment, but smoking is allowed on balconies.


Difference between single occupancy and double occupancy

In the travel industry, it is common to see this kind of price range, because the cruise line company sells a single occupancy cabin at the full price of a double occupancy cabin.


Difference between a guaranteed cabin and an assigned cabin

Guaranteed cabins
Most cabins are sold in guarantee, this means that you pay for a guaranteed type of cabin, but for the same price, it is possible (not necessarily automatic) that the cruise line company may offer you an upgrade. An upgrade would consist in being allocated a cabin located on an upper deck of the ship.
Usually, the higher the cabin is, the more expensive is its price. In this type of sale we cannot guarantee special requests (cabin near or on a specific side of the ship). The guaranteed cabin numbers will only be known one month before departure.
Assigned cabins
An assigned cabin is final, so if the company offers an upgrade, an assigned cabin will not be eligible for this upgrade. Assigned cabins are only available upon request. No fees are charged to assign a cabin.


Upgrade procedure

An upgrade allows you to have an identical cabin type but from an upper category. For example, if you reserve an inside cabin, the upgrade will still offer you an inside cabin but on a higher level of the ship, so closer to pools and services. This kind of upgrade is highly appreciated particularly if you have a balcony cabin, because the higher you are, the better the ocean view becomes. And keep in mind, this is all for the same price (without any additional fees)!

It is the cruise line company that will grant an upgrade, depending on its availabilities. The upgrade will be made at the moment of the cabin attributions. Please note that CheaperVacations does not have any power over this, so in this case, some special requests such as having a cabin near your family or in the center of the ship might not be possible.

If you have special requests, we recommend that you choose your cabin, but note that you will not be eligible for an upgrade if the cruise line company offers one.

At any point once your reservation is made, you can choose to change your cabin type to effectively upgrade it yourself for a higher class (eg. from an inside cabin to a balcony cabin). Your reservation fare will be adjusted accordingly on a new bill.

N.B.: Fares can vary depending on the availabilities and the day of your request.


Choosing dinner time

Dinner times for Carnival Cruises

You have the choice between 3 different services for the main restaurant, the Bacchus (on the Miracle):

  • The 6:00 PM service will enable you to attend the main performance of the show in the large room, which is at 8:30 PM (other performances are offered and can be seen on the log book).
  • The 8:00 PM service will enable you to take some time to relax before dinner. This is especially desirable after a daylong land excursion.
  • The personalized service is flexible and enables you to attend dinner when you are ready and if a table is available, we will offer it to you or if not, we will give you a pager that will notify you as soon as your table is ready.

Dinner times for Royal Caribbean

You have the choice between 2 different services for the main restaurant, the Magellan/Da Gamma/Columbus (Explorer of the seas)

  • The 6:00 PM service will enable you to attend the show in the large room at 8:30 PM.
  • The 8:00 PM service will enable you to take time to relax before dinner. This is especially desirable after a daylong land excursion.
To make sure you have a seat in the dining room at the time you want, we recommend that you communicate your choice at the time of your reservation. For clients who will have given the tips in advance, the option “My time dining” is also available.


Smoking and non-smoking environment on the ship

For the comfort of all passengers, the ship offers designated areas, outside, so you can smoke. The policy regarding smoking is simple, you cannot smoke inside the ship including your cabin and even your balcony, and this includes electronic cigarettes. If you go against this policy, you will be fined 250$ usd which will be charged to your SeaPass and you could be disembarked at the next port. The passenger will be held responsible for all fees. This applies to shore excursions as well.


Instructions to bring alcohol on the ship

With Carnival only, each passenger is allowed to bring on board ONE bottle, but expect a corkage fee ($10 to $15) if you ask a waiter to open your bottle in the dining room. Fees will be applied on your cruise bill. During the calls, you can bring back a bottle of alcohol as a souvenir. The staff will put this bottle on the side and will give it to you before landing. There is no allowance for wine bottles on any of the other cruise line companies.


What is included on board?

  • Meals eaten in the main restaurants.
  • Activities and shows offered by the ship staff.
  • Access to the captain's evenings and/or to the farewell evening.
  • Access to calls.
  • Activity programs for children.


Plan for expenses

  • Tips on board
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, gourmet coffees and pastries on board
  • SPA Treatments
  • Gourmet restaurant(s)
  • Lunches and dinners during calls (if you wish to try the local cuisine)
  • Souvenirs and excursion(s) on calls
  • Internet cafe and telephone
  • Medical services
  • Video games, casino, duty free boutiques…


Suggested amount for tips

Royal Carribean
The minimum cost you should expect for tips is 12$ US per day, per passenger; this is associated with standard cabins. The minimum cost you should expect for tips if you are in a Suite is 16$ US. This fee is automatically added to your expenses on your Seapass card.
The minimum cost you should expect for tips with this company is 11.50$ US per day, per passenger. This fee is automatically added to your expenses on you “sail & sign” card, from the second day of your cruise.
The minimum cost you should expect for tips with this company is 12$ US per day, per passenger. This fee is automatically added to your expenses.

N.B.: It is possible to give a more personalized tip in order to underline your satisfaction. The only thing you need to do is to obtain the envelope planned for this purpose from the passengers' office.


Soft drinks on board

Soft drinks are never included but it is possible to get a pass or a package (between $6 and $8 per day per person), available in all bars on board.


Harbour taxes for cruises

Our fares include harbour taxes, government taxes and the OPC (Office de Protection des Consommateurs).


Travel insurance for cruises

Subscribe to a travel health insurance that offers a minimum cover of $500,000 for accidental injuries, foreign hospitalization and medical evacuation on sea (the evaluation cost of a patient by helicopter, from a cruise ship can easily reach $150,000). It is important to know that the RAMQ does not cover more than the fees applicable for trips outside Quebec.

Generally, cruise reservations are made several months before departure so to protect your travel investment, we recommend that you procure a cancellation/interruption travel insurance. It is best to be prepared, even for the unexpected, such as a job layoff, a parent falling ill, an unexpected pregnancy…

We also recommend that you procure luggage insurance at the moment of your reservation. In case of a loss or damage of your luggage, you will have to directly contact your insurance agent. The responsibility of the cruise companies regarding luggage is managed by international conventions.

We suggest that you obtain higher coverage insurance that includes full medical, travel cancellation and interruption (44 risks covered) and luggage protection. Insurance sold by CheaperVacations.com is provided by the Manulife company.


Tasks to complete before cruise departure

Once your reservation has been made, you have to register on the cruise line company website. This has to be done by each of our passengers in order for us to guarantee that all of our guests benefit from a prompt boarding on the day of the cruise departure.

The pre-registration is called ONLINE CHECK IN and the website is only available in English.
Royal Caribbean
The pre-registration is called SET SAIL PASS, the website will ask you to choose the language and it is available in French and in English.
The pre-registration is called ONLINE CHECK IN and the website is only available in English.

CheaperVacations.com offers to fill in your pre-registration for you, for free. In order to do this, we will send you a document to complete once we have received your final payment, or upon request. Once the pre-registration is complete, you will be able to book excursions, gourmet dinners or SPA treatments and much more to embellish your stay on the cruise.


Procedures when boarding the cruise ship

Trolleys are provided in order for you to deposit your luggage. Each piece of luggage needs to be identified with the labels specifically made for this purpose and that were provided to you along with your electronic tickets. Your name and your cabin number are identified on these labels. Note that your luggage will be directly delivered to you by the cruise staff later on in the afternoon. After dropping off your luggage at the designated area, you then take the escalator to go to the registration floor. At that location you will find everything you need to wait comfortably for your boarding: washrooms, beverages, snacks (at your expense). When it is time, to enter into the boarding area you will need to show proof of your pre-registration, your electronic tickets and your passport. Having pre-registered and having your electronic ticket IN HAND will give you priority access to boarding. You will then be given an identification card and a card with a number on it. When your number is called, you must present yourself with your identification card, your electronic tickets, your passport, your credit card (or cash deposit) and the card we just gave you. Finally, it is recommended to keep all of these documents with you and close at hand until you board.


Sea Pass card or Sail & Sign (depending on the cruise line company)

These cards will be used for several purposes: they will be your cabin and safe keys, they will also be used on board for all of your expenses (no need for a wallet). Finally, they will be used as access cards to leave the ship and return on board at the different calls. Each person will have one card. The photo that will have been taken of you when you first boarded will appear on the card. This will guarantee the safe and secure use of the card. In fact at each transaction your photo will appear on the staff screen; this way you can be sure nobody else uses your card. The card does not have any distinctive marks on it, so in case of a loss it is impossible to associate the lost card with its owner or a cabin number. At any moment you can check your expenses on your cabin television. At the end of the cruise, all of your expenses will be cumulated and paid in a single payment on the credit card you registered when you first boarded. It is also possible to pay your bill at the passenger's office, before landing.


Cash deposit

Usually, passengers on cruise use their credit card to pay their expenses, but it is possible to do the transactions with a cash deposit. To do so, at the time of registration on the cruise line company's website, indicate that you will choose the cash option and when boarding, present yourself with the required amount in USD. This method of payment is similar to the use of a debit card. If however the initial amount is exhausted, the staff will notify you and ask you for additional funds to pay your future expenses.


Procedures upon arrival to port

It is recommended that you pack your luggage the night before arrival but plan to keep clothes handy that you will need for your last day on board. A member of staff will give each person a customs card. This card is in English since the customs officers are American. Please note that it is mandatory to fill out this card. To leave the ship, you will need your passport and the completed customs card. In order to save time, we recommend that you keep your luggage with you and that you present yourself at the main lobby from 8:00AM onwards.


Your cruise reservation

To take advantage of the best available cruise fares, it is recommended to book at least six months in advance. However, it is possible that even at that time the desired cabin type may already be sold out. To make sure you have the cabin of your choice, it is better to book as soon as possible. Generally, fares are available from the month of June for the following year.


Special needs on cruises

On board, there are accessible cabins made to accommodate people with disabilities. In order to be granted an accessible cabin, you must complete a specific request form (available upon request). This form will also allow you to request the service of a wheelchair for boarding/landing. It is important to make the request as soon as possible in order to guarantee availability.

For any other disability, allergy or health problem that would require a medical follow-up on board or that would require special equipment a specific request form will need to be completed.


Sea sickness on board

The cruise ships offered in our packages are equipped with stabilizers, which allow the ships to attenuate the effects of sea rolling and pitching. In your case, we recommend that you select a cabin situated towards the center of the ship, because in this manner you will be subject to less movement during your sleep. It is also recommended to eat consistent foods in order to facilitate digestion and thereby reduce the effects of sea sickness.


Hurricane at sea

Cruise line companies are always informed of any meteorological changes and as soon as a hurricane is forecasted, ships with an itinerary that would cross the storm are assigned to another maritime route. No cruise line company will take the risk of putting its passengers and ships in danger. This is one of the reasons why calls are never guaranteed on cruises. The cruise line company has the right to change the itinerary at any point.


Entertainment while at sea

Athletic? Saltwater pool, waterslides, jogging track, gymnasium, mini golf, climbing walls (RC), skating rink (RC), sports broadcasts.

Fan of music and going out? Wide variety of shows, comedy routines, jazz club, night clubs, ballroom.

Fan of games? Bingo, board game room, arcades ($), pool games organized by the staff, casino ($) including slot machines, Black Jack, video poker and roulette.

Interested in learning new talents? Dance classes, towel folding classes, aerobics classes, golf simulator, ice sculpture demonstration.

Just looking to relax and tan? Shopping in the duty free boutiques ($), body and face treatments at the SPA ($), hot tubes, Turkish baths, barber shop ($), hairdresser ($), swimming in adults-only pool. More activities are suggested in the ship log book, available in English only.


Children on cruises

Ships on which we propose you cruise offer a program specifically intended for children; this program is included in your package price. Kids are grouped together according to their age. Activities are planned for each age group in order that they may all enjoy their cruise experience to the fullest.

N.B. It is the child's age that will determine their group. No exceptions will be allowed, not even for brothers and/or sisters, nor children who have skipped a grade in school.


Log book and other documents on cruises

Cruise line companies, for environmental reasons, have decided to print less log books and to print mainly the most popular brochures. Except in the case of an unusually large group of French speaking guests, it is generally impossible to obtain log books in French. This also applies to menus and any other informational documentation given on board.


Staff on board

Some staff members from Carnival and Royal Caribbean speak French but most of them speak English or other languages. If you need help, you can ask your guide or the passengers' information office; members of this office all speak several languages.


Land excursions

  • Lists of people who want to take part in organized land excursions fill up quickly. If you did not make a land excursion reservation before departure, we recommend that you do so as soon as you board the ship.
  • Do not forget to plan a budget for expenses during excursions. Prices can vary widely depending on the port of call, the cruise line company and the offered activities.
  • If you are elderly or if you have restricted mobility, please verify with the cruise line company that all ports of call can meet your needs.
  • It is never mandatory to participate in organized excursions. You are usually welcome to explore the port cities and take in the sites on your own.
  • If you choose to explore a port of call on your own, do not lose track of time! If you miss the ship's departure, you will be required to make your way to the ship's next port of call at your own expense.
  • During an excursion, always bring ID with you as well as your travel information (the name of your ship and the quay number where it is moored). Also bring a photocopy of your passport.
  • During an excursion, leave your valuables on board, including credit cards and cash that you do not expect to need.
  • Reduce risks during land excursions by booking with your cruise line company or with a travel agency; this way, you will be sure they will look after your personal safety and will ensure all equipment used during activities is safe for you.
  • Before leaving the ship for a land excursion, check the ship's departure time from the port of call. The ship will not wait for you if you are late to return. Excursions offered by the company guarantee an on-time arrival. Independent travelers will need to be punctual and informed of the departure time.
  • We recommend that you wear convenient/sports clothes and comfortable shoes. If you visit a place of worship, we suggest that you wear a more appropriate outfit.

Good to know : A port of call is never guaranteed; the cruise line company has the right to change its itinerary at any point.


Glossary of terms relating to cruises

Port side
Left side of the boat looking forward
Oceanview cabin
Room with a sea view
Inside cabin
Room without a sea view
Passenger capacity
Total number of passengers
Stairs or access ramp to board the ship
Chief of Staff
Commander and officers
Round fixed window
Cockpit or wheelhouse
Back of the ship
Front of the ship
Square or rectangular window
Meal services
Number of services varies with the type of ship and/or number of passengers; generally one or two services per meal
Depth of the submerged part of the ship
Volume capacity of inside spaces
Right side of the ship looking forward
Speed expressed in knots
One knot = 1 nautical mile, or 1,852 km/hour



It is important to note that most cruise line companies have restriction when it comes to pregnant passengers; a woman can be allowed on board if she is in her 24th week of pregnancy or less at the time of the cruise's end date. A medical note will be required at the time of boarding to confirm the number of pregnancy weeks.

Contact a health clinic specialized in travel before departure to have recommendations on vaccines and preventive medication before traveling. Inform your doctor of the cruise itinerary (available through the cruise line company), because some ports of call require an international vaccination certificate against yellow fever in order to be allowed to land.

If no vaccine is required to travel in the Caribbeans, it is nonetheless prudent to have a tetanus booster shot before leaving.

On board, drink bottled water only, keep yourself hydrated at all times and wash fruit that you eat during excursions. Watch your alcohol consumption; excessive consumption on board can lead to serious accidents. You can of course bring your own first-aid kit, especially when you go on excursions. This being said, you will be in good hands on board. Remember that these days, cruise ships are equipped with medical facilities and it is always possible to consult a doctor on board.

Know that noroviruses can spread quickly on a cruise ship. For preventive measures it is possible that we may refuse your access on board if you have had serious diarrhea before departure. We may ask you to stay in your cabin for 48 hours if symptoms occur throughout the course of the cruise.


General advice

Check if travel warnings have been issued for your boarding location or for any other country along your ship's itinerary.

Please note that in some ports of call, you will need an entry visa if you disembark from the ship to explore the surroundings on your own (instead of participating in the group excursions organized by the cruise line). Make all necessary visa requests before leaving Canada.

Sign-up to the service offered by the Registration of Canadians Abroad in order for this agency to be able to contact you and help you in the case of an emergency abroad, or to inform you of an emergency in Canada. Only indicate the country or the region where the boarding takes place (and not every port of call), the name of the cruise line and the name of the ship. You can register online, by mail, by fax or in person.

Inquire about laws and local customs of the countries that you will be visiting. If you violate the law at a port of call, you will be subject to the judicial system of the concerned country. On sea, laws of the country that exercises their jurisdiction on territorial waters prevail. For water outside of national borders, the international rights of the sea will be applicable.

Participate in emergency drills, make sure there is a life jacket for each occupant of your cabin and learn the evacuation procedures.

Never open your cabin door to strangers and do not stay in an isolated area with a person you do not know or trust.

Please note that mobile phones do not always work at sea and communication fees on board are very high. Wait until the port to make phone calls.



What is a group companion?

A CheaperVacations.com companion accompanies you throughout your journey, upon arrival at the airport and until your return. The companion represents the agency during your journey and make sure the providers offer you the services you bought for the trip. The role of the companion is to assist you and make your day unforgettable.

Role of the companion : - Listen to the group members, be available and sensitive to the needs of everyone - Provide assistance at airports and hotels during the journey - Work with the different providers on-site (local guides, drivers, etc.) and manage the logistic of the trip - Ensure the proper functioning of the trip - Suggest optional excursions during the free periods (if applicable) - Encourage an outgoing and friendly atmosphere - Relay exact and detailed instructions

Our team of companions is made up of people with different life courses who are all passionate about travels and human contact! They love learning new things and make sure each traveler lives a unique journey with amazing memories! p>


Travel tips

validity of my passport

EUROPE Valid upon entry Valid during the intended stay Valid for 3 months after the end of the stay Valid for 6 months after the end of the stay Valid for 3 months from the date of arrival Valid for 6 months from the date of arrival
Belgium X
France X
Germany X
Greece X
Ireland X
Italy X
Portugal X
Spain X
Switzerland X
Netherlands X
Turkey X
SOUTH Valid upon entry Valid during the intended stay Valid for 3 months after the end of the stay Valid for 6 months after the end of the stay Valid for 3 months from the date of arrival Valid for 6 months from the date of arrival
Antigua X
Barbados X
Colombia X
Costa rica X
Cuba 1 month
Dominican Réplubique X
El Salvador X
Grenade X
Haiti X
Honduras X
Jamaica X
Mexico X
Nicaragua X
Panama X
St. Lucia X
st-martin/st. maarten X
United States X
Venezuela X
The provided informations were taken on the Government of Canada website voyage.gc.ca . However, your specific flight company may have different requirements. Please verify with them for the latest information.


Summer vacation check list



Jacket / waterproof jackets
Trousers, shorts, bermuda
Skirts, dresses
shirts / blouses, t-shirts
Underwear, socks
Beachwear, swimwear
Pyjamas, bathrobe


Walking shoes
Dress shoes
Beach shoes
Athletic shoes

Accessories - Miscellaneous

Hats, caps
Sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses
Handbag, beach bag
Universal plug adapter
Camera (with cord)
Alarm clock.

Documents in hand bag

ID cards, social insurance card, driving license, vehicle insurance
Passports, visas, permission to leave the country
Airline tickets, hotel booking
Leasing Documents for apartment or villa
Health Record
Money, checkbook, credit card
Guide, road maps

Beauty / toilet

Day cream, night cream, makeup remover
Soap, shower gel, shampoo
Sunscreen, After Sun Lotion
Cotton, cotton swabs, facial tissues
Manicure nippers, scissors, nail file, tweezers
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss
Razor, shaving foam, after-shave
Perfume / cologne, deodorant
Lens and sunglasses care products
Denture care products
Brush, comb, gel / hair spray


Mosquito repellent cream
Sunburn lotion
Aspirin, antiseptic, bandages
Contraceptives, condoms
Vitamins, anti-diarrheal tablets for digestion, antihistamines

Children - Baby

Cream and baby oil
Diapers, Wipes
Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush
Hairbrush, bibs, bath towels
Folding Stroller
Baby food. Bottles, nipples
baby drugs
Toys, plush, blanket
Sun Hat
Changing bag, facial tissue


Take out the trash
Shot off water to dishwasher and washing machine
Shot off gas
Water the plants
Disconnect electrical outlets and turn off all electrical appliances (except freezer!)
Inform neighbors of your trip. Give them a key so they can water your plants, open the blinds and pick up the mail
Have a great vacation !!!




Caribe Sol Hurricane Policy


Download PDF document

Hurricane's policy of Vacances Air Transat and Nolitours Vacances


Download PDF document

Transat/Nolitours's hurricane policy

View on Transat Website

View on Nolitours Website

Sunwing's Hurricane garantee

If Sunwing Vacations consider the situation too risky and decide to cancel you flight, you will be refunded or redirected to another destination.

Club Med's hurricane protection program


Westjet's hurricane protection program


Air Canada Vacations hurricane protection program

With our new StormGuard option you can reschedule your Caribbean or Mexico vacation (excluding west coast Mexico and Mexico City) before a storm becomes a hurricane - making it easier for you to book with confidence and get the vacation you deserve.

If the US National Hurricane Center declares a tropical storm warning for your vacation destination within three days (72 hours) of your scheduled departure, contact us and you can rebook your vacation for any time beforeApril 30, 2014.

StormGuard is valid for travel from June 1 and completed by Nov. 30, 2013.


Can I order a special meal on the plane?

Most air carriers are open to accommodating people making their request in advance but cannot be guaranteed. Most of them can serve you a vegetarian meal or can offer a special menu for people suffering from food allergies. Register your request in the "Special Requests" box when booking online. Or contact your travel agent with your request.


Seat selection

    Prepare the following information :
  • Your file, registration or invoice number
  • Your departure date, your return date
  • Your departure flight number, your return flight number
  • Name of departure airport and name of destination airport
  • Name(s) of passenger(s)
  • Have your credit card handy

For a baby who is less than 2 years old

Confirm with the Tour Operator before each departure. Generally, if adults buy a baby seat and pay for it, then they have to sit the baby in a car seat.p>

Seat selection at Sunwing Vacations and Signature

You can make your seat selection by calling Sunwing at 1-888-822-2623 or directly online by clicking here.

Seat selection (Economic Class) : From $20 / segment / person

4 hours before departure, client can pre-register by clicking here

Seat selection at Sunquest

Send your request to selectiondesieges@sunquest.ca

Seat selection at Thomas Cook

Seat selection at Westjet

You have to speak to a travel agent at VARVacations at 1-866-771-8937.

Seat selection at Canjet

Seat selection available on the company's website by clicking here or at 1-800-809-7777.

Seat selection (Economic Class) : From $15 / segment / person

Available option : Canjet Select : From $44.50 per person (one way in regular seat)

Seat selection at Caribe Sol

Seat selection at Canjet

Seat selection available on the company's website by clicking here or at 1-800-809-7777.. In case of a problem, please call 1-866-447-7000. Seat selection (Economic Class) : From $15 / segment / person Available option : Canjet Select from $44.50 per person (one way in regular seat)

Selection seat at Cubana

Seat selection is not available at Air Cubana with the Caribe Sol packages

Seat selection at Tours Mont-Royal

Seat selection at Canjet

Seat selection available on the website's company by clicking here or by calling 1-866-447-7000.

Seat selection (Economic Class) : From $15 / segment / person

Available option : Canjet Select : From $44.50 per person (one way in regular seat)

Seat selection at Air Transat

514-636-3630 or 1-877-872-6728 or by clicking here.

Client can also pre-register 24 hours before departure by clicking here.

Economic Class from $15 standard seat (rate per segment and per person)

*Available options : Option Plus from $44.50 (standard seat one way rate) and Club from $80.00 / segment / person

Seat selection at Cubana

You need to call Cubana at 514-871-1222 or at 1-888-667-1222. Seat selection is available only 3 days before departure.
Fees are $20 outward and return.

Available option : Tropical Class.

Seat selection at Transat Holidays and Nolitours Vacations

Seat selection at Air Transat

514-636-3630 or 1-877-872-6728 or by clicking here

Client can also pre-register 24 hours before departure by clicking here.

Economic class from $15 standard seat (rate per segment and per person)

*Available options : Option Plus from $44.50 (standard seat one way rate) and Club from $80.00 / segment / person

With COPA Airlines, call 3 days prior to departure date 1-800-359-2672

Seat selection at Canjet

Seat selection available on the company's website by clicking here or by calling at 1-866-447-7000.

Selection seat (Economic Class) : From $15 / segment / person

Available option : Canjet Select : From $44.50$ per person (one way in regular seat) p>

Seat selection at Air Canada Vacations

For flight reservations booked directly through Air Canada and made online only, you can contact Air Canada at 1-866-529-2079 or contact a travel agent from VARvacations at 1-866-771-8937. Seat selection will be available up to 3 days before departure.

Economic Class : $20 / segment / person

Note: Emergency exits are only available at the airport (day of departure).

Business Class from $299 per passenger (outward and return)

Selection seat at Westjet Vacations

You can make your seat selection by calling Westjet Vacations at 1-888-WESTJET.

Seat selection is free 24 hours before departure on their website.

Seat selection at American Airlines

Your seat will be assigned automatically.

To change your seat : Contact your travel agent to receive your American Airline reference number and then click here.

Prices are subject to change


Visa and exit taxes

For the following countries, these are the current standards. Please note that the visa is required not only at final destination, but also in countries where you will stop (eg for a flight to the Caribbean with a stopover in Miami, your passport must be valid in the U.S.)

If you need information on a country not listed here, please contact assistance@voyagesarabais.com.

Required Documents

Cuba :
Passport valid for at least 1 month after return date/ tourist card/ health care proof.
Dominican republic :
Passport requiered from April 30th 2012.
Mexico :
Jamaica :
El Salvador :
Passport valid for at least 6 months after return date
Honduras :
Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months after return date.
Nicaragua :
Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months after return date.
Costa Rica :
Passport valid.
Venezuela :
Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months after return date
Panama :
Canadian passport valid for at least 3 months after return date.500$ US in cash or credit card at arrival + a return ticket when entering the country. Passport required.

Exit Taxes

Entry Tax for the Bahamas :
With all tour: 15% of tour price (already included in the final price)
Exit Tax for the French West Indies :
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): None
With Vacances Air Canada (VAC): None
Exit Tax for Columbia :
With Nolitours (NOL): Included in the package
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): 29 US$
Exit Tax for Costa Rica :
With Vacances Signature (SGN): 29 US$
With Sunwing (SWG): 29 US$
With Nolitours (NOL): Included in the package
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): 26 US$
With Vacances Air Canada (VAC): 26 US$
With Sunquest (SQV): Included in the package
Exit Tax for Cuba :
With all tour: included in the price since March 1st, 2015 for departures from May 1st
Exit Tax for Honduras :
With Sunwing (SWG): 38 US$
With Nolitour 38 US$
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): 38 US$
Exit Tax for Jamaica :
With Nolitours (NOL): None
With Sunwing (SWG): None
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): None
With Vacances Air Canada (VAC): Included in the package
With Sunquest (SQV): None
With Vacances Transat (VAT): None
With Vacances Signature (SGN): None
With Vacances Westjet (WJV): None
Exit Tax for Mexico :
With Nolitours (NOL): None
With Sunwing (SWG): None
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): None
With Vacances Air Canada (VAC): None
With Sunquest (SQV): None
With Vacances Transat (VAT): None
With Vacances Signature (SGN): None
With Vacances Westjet (WJV): None
Exit Tax for Venezuela (Margarita) :
With Nolitours (NOL): Included in the package
With Sunwing (SWG): Included in the package
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): Included in the package
Exit Tax for Panama :
With Nolitours (NOL): Included in the package
With Sunwing (SWG): 40 US$
With Tour Mont Royal (TMR): Included in the package
With Vacances Signature (SGN): 40 US$
Exit Tax for the Dominican Republic :
With Nolitours (NOL): Included in the package
With Sunwing (SWG): US $30
With Tours Mont Royal (TMR): Included in the package
With Vacances Air Canada (VAC): Included in the package
With Sunquest (SQV): Included in the package
With Vacances Transat (VAT): Included in the package
With Vacances Signature (SGN): US $30
With Vacances Westjet (WJV): US $30 (Included in the package)
Exit Tax for le San Salvadore :
With Nolitours (NOL): Included in the package
Exit Tax for Belize :
With Sunwing (SWG): 82 US$
Exit Tax for Honduras :
US$ 30
Haïti Tourist Fees :
Beginning July 1st, 2014: US$ 10, cash, payable when arriving


Where can I find information about tourist cards?

With TMR
Always on board the aircraft
On board the aircraft, except for children who must pay $ 16 in cash at destination
Caribe Sol:
Transat and C6 on the plane, for Cubana at the Caribe Sol desk.
Transat / Nolitours:
Aboard the aircraft.
Aboard the aircraft.


Airline carriers

Cubana air Line 1-514-871-1222 or 1-888-667-1222

First Air 1-800-267-1247
For administration 1-613-254-6200



You will find the information necessary for some carriers below. For more information, please contact voyagesarabais@voyagesarabais.com.

Air Transat
20kg for checked luggage and 10kg for hand luggage in economy class. 40kg and 15kg in club class. CAN $ 15 per kilo excess up to a maximum of 32kg. Folding Stroller + car seat at no charge but you must notify the travel agent.
For more details, click here.
Thomas Cook
5kg hand luggage. 15kg to 30kg for checked baggage depending on the specification listed on the ticket.
20 kg for checked luggage and 5kg for hand luggage. Elite Plus Service authorizes up to 30kg.
1 877 737-7001 www.westjet.com
Carry-ons : 1 item with a dimension of 53 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm (21 in x 9 in x 15 in) and 1 personal item of 41 cm x 15 cm x 33 cm (16 in x 6 in x 13 in) (exemples : backpack, suitcase, cages, briefcase)
Checked Baggage : 2 23 kg luggage.

Additional luggage

Second bag : 20$ - 23 kg maximum. Third and fourth bags : 75$/bag Overweight : 50$ per bag (maximum of 45kg) Oversize : 50$ per item (158 cm to 200 cm) Montego Bay : Guests are not permitted to bring a third or fourth bag, nor is oversized or overweight luggage allowed.

Sporting equipment
Please refer to westjet page
Cubana Airlines
5kg cabin luggage 23kg for checked baggage 30kg in tropical class
1-800-809-7777 www.canjet.com
10kg cabin luggage. Two 20kg luggage total per person
First Air
1-800-267-1247/administration 1-613-254-6200
cabin luggage: 20kg + 10kg
COPA Airlines
23 kg per passenger
Air Canada
1 regular bag. Max. weight per bag: 23kg (50lb. 2nd baggage fee – Mexico, Caribbean & Costa Rica Air Canada has revised its checked baggage policy as per the following:

Bookings made the or prior to : September 7th 2011
For a trip after : October, 11th 2011
(excl. Prestige, Elite, Super Elite & Star Alliance Gold)
Class Destination 1st lugguage 2nd lugguage
Economy To and from USA
(including Hawaii, excl. Puerto Rico)
$25 CAD/US
Each segment (was free)
$35 CAD/US
Each segment (no change)
Economy To and from international
(excl. Japan, Brasil& Venezuela)
No change
$70 CAD/US
per segment (was free)
Business Class All Destinations 2 free lugguages
(was 3)

Hand Lugguage
Note: The Caribbean: no change (including Puerto Rico) : 1 free lugguage 23kg
Since September 2012, a new directive from Cuban customs oblige passengers to not have any alcohol bottles in their hand baggage. Those bottles should be placed in checked baggage. Passengers should be noticed by air compagny when baggages are checked in.
For Cuba, 2 lugguages of total combined 23kg are now allowed per passenger.
With HolaSun (CaribeSol) the Canjet traveller is allowed 30kg if travelling 14 days or more.


Letter of consent - Parental Consent Letter

The Government of Canada has prepared a model consent letter for children traveling with

  • one of the parents, who has custody
  • one of the parents, who does not have custody or the legal guardians
  • children traveling without their parents or legal guardians

The letter is available on the government website and PDF:


How to find a Commissioner for Oaths?

There is a search engine offered by Justice Québec to find a Commissioner for Oaths in your region. Click here.


12 tips

Travel Insurance
is the most important item to place in your journey. In fact you should always set a time to ensure that your insurance offers you the complete coverage you need. Medical costs are the main source of concern. Make sure you have unlimited medical coverage. The second concern is the protection cancellation before departure. The reservations for our trip are often made months in advance. Many factors can influence our lives and it is a shame to lose all the investment of our dream trip; for a few dollars a day you'll rest easy. "
Your survival tool is your hand luggage. Put in your hand luggage what you consider essential in case of possible delays in luggage delivery, or if you arrive early at the hotel and your room is not available until later. If such a case, it is possible to leave your luggage at the hotel in a place determined by them. For example, pack a swimsuit and sandals, to be able to get the most from your vacation early! Put sunscreen (max 100 ml), and prescribed medication . Keep a photocopy of your passport and your travel insurance contract in your carry on . Once at the hotel, store them in your safe.
Make your suitcase
Divide your clothes equally between the two suitcases. Plan your clothing for the duration of the trip.We have a tendency to pack too many things in our suitcases, which we will perhaps never use during our stay. Talk to your partner for advise. Given the limited weight allowed on the plane, you must restrain yourself. Choose light clothes that coordinate together and which don't need ironing. Also choose sandals or shoes that can match easily with most of your clothing. Bring shampoo, toothpaste, gel, cream in travel sizes. You will save weight and space in your suitcase. Roll clothes to avoid wrinkles.
Exercise in the plane!
To avoid numbness or swelling in the plane, do a little exercise. As such, swing your feet in order to raise and lower the knees, spin your ankles, heel up several times as if to be on your toes. Wear loose clothing so as not to impede circulation. Wear compression stockings (prescription) if you suffer from phlebitis or varicose veins. And most importantly, drink plenty of water.
Control your fear of flying
The aircraft remains by far one of the safest transport. If you are among those who feel more comfortable with your feet on the ground then in the air, try these tips:
Some medications can be prescribed to relax or make you drowsy, be careful to consume them in moderation and do not take them with alcohol.
Once installed, you should try to relax.
From then until the end of the takeoff, discuss with your neighbour; reading and listening to music, are useful tools for "thinking about something else." Flight attendants are trained to help you, talk to them.
.. Avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol, which increase aggression and fear.
Representative on the destination site
During a all-inclusive formula vacation, most wholesalers offer the services of a destination agent. It will welcome you upon your arrival at the airport and drive you to your hotel. To familiarize yourself with your resort and available excursions, please attend the information session given by your representative. In this session, you may be told when and how to reach him, making your stay easier in case you need him. He could give you valuable tips to help you enjoy your vacation. Use the forum to ask other travelers what they did to and what they recommend you should do.
Customs and habits in other destinations are often different from us, To avoid surprises, get ready for any eventuality. It is better to ask the price before boarding a taxi. If you want to change your room for a sea view room, for example, ask to visit before accepting the change. In public transportation, check with other passengers to know the exact prices, because sometimes one can try to make you pay a "price for tourists."
Buffet and food
Buffet formula has its advantages and inconvenients. If we want to sample everything on the first day, the buffet will quickly become tiresome and we shall feel that it lacks in variety. It is better to make an informed choice and to reserve the pleasure for the taste buds for other days ...
Your meals will be more varied. Also avoid eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables the early days. Allow at least 48 hours for your digestive system to get used to this new fresh food that you're not normally consuming this time of year at home. All this in order to avoid your system's normal reaction which could be confused with Turista!
Calling Card
Each destination has its phone calling system; find out what is more economical. Sometimes the internet is cheaper but so slow that the calling card would ultimately have been more advantageous. Use the forum to ask other travellers what they think.
Dirty Laundry
Bring a plastic bag to separate dirty clothes from clean ones. You can also bring a travel size laundry soap and wash a few pieces in the sink. There are also pencils to fix stains! An elastic clothesline available in the travel accessories aisle can be very useful for drying your clothes before packing them in your suitcase.
Sand flea
Avoid bringing, and especially laying down your beach towels on your bed. you will thus avoid contaminating your entire room with fleas that would like nothing better than to suck on your blood at night.
Close your bags
Before closing the bags when coming back, empty them thoroughly and shake them outside of your room in order to avoid bringing any insects that you might have encounters during your trip. This precaution is worth its weight in gold!


Tickets and advantages

E-Tickets, how does it work?

E-Tickets http://www.voyagesarabais.com allows you to retrieve your e-tickets before your departure. This is one place where you find all your travel documents, provided by various participating tour operators. Some of them are not providing this service; you will then need to visit their respective desks at the airport. In the E-Tickets section you will find your tickets, all vouchers for the hotel and all other relevant documents. These documents are available as PDF documents or documents that can be printed directly from the browser.


My E-Tickets are not in the Ticket Office, what should I do?

Generally, tickets are issued by various tour operators within a 72 hours delay and up to 10 days before your departure. However, for some tour operators, the process can be quicker. Please check the arrival of electronic tickets a few times after you've made your purchase. In fact, we have no control over that part of the process, electronic tickets being available in ticket office only once the Tour Operators has issued them. Keep in mind that in general, tickets are available within one week after your reservation unless your departure is imminent.


Why don't you send all the e-tickets automatically?

We can not send e-tickets automatically because all tour operators do not transfer the tickets the same way. Our ticket office include tickets from all tour operators emitting them and put them at your disposal in a user-friendly, simple and accessible manner at all times, from anywhere. This is why we do not send tickets directly for all types of bookings. However, depending on the nature of your reservation (product and / or method of booking), it is possible that you receive your tickets directly by email.


If I have other questions, who can I contact?

For any questions unanswered in this section, please contact us at the address below and we will be more than happy to assist you. assistance@voyagesarabais.com Thanks for your understanding! Team CheaperVacations.com/Voyagesarabais.com