Antigua and Barbuda are two elegant islands nestled in the Caribbean Sea, just north of Guadeloupe. Antigua is the more popular of the two by far as it offers a larger quantity of excursions and tours while its port area caters to large cruise ships in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.


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Weather on these islands is particularly pleasant due to its fairly low humidity level.


Getting your feet wet in a variety of nautical sports, scuba diving, golfing or visiting historical landmarks are just some of the many activities that make Antigua a great holiday destination! Over the years, Antigua has put particular emphasis on developing its nautical sports offering. Travellers will be dazzled by the impressive choice of wind surfing, sailing, jet skiing and more, as every port on the island has something to offer. However, this island's main attraction remains its spectacular scuba diving. The island's southern coast has a series of shipwrecks that attracts divers from around the world. These wrecks are lying in an enchanting setting made of healthy colourful corals, rock formations and a multitude of fish and other marine life. Antigua also offers an extensive choice of more land-based activities. You decide whether it will be golf, volleyball, horseback riding, hiking or sightseeing! Barbuda is quieter but just as wonderful! This small island is the real tropical paradise where one can enjoy life in a quiet, serene atmosphere, even for just a single day! The island is less than 30 minutes away by plane. So relax, pick up a good book or walk lazily on the beach…


Antigua and Barbuda, also have a story to tell! Both have interesting historical landmarks with Antigua's famous Fort James being the most popular site to visit. Its location alone, offering a panoramic view of the ocean and surrounding hills is worth the trip. Be sure to also visit Saint John's very elegant cathedral



When night falls on Antigua, one wants to be in Saint John's, where a wide assortment of bars and restaurant will surely appeal to one and all. Poker players and gamblers will want to visit one of the many casinos on the island, while others might prefer spending the evening in some great music hotspots. Your wardrobe needs a little face lift? Saint John's many shops and fashion boutiques are open daily and will help solve the problem!


Electrical current in Antigua and Barbuda is 220 volts. (


The East Caribbean dollar is the legal currency in Antigua and Barbuda. The American dollar is also widely accepted. ATM's are available nearly everywhere on the island of Antigua. Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted in practically all shops, restaurants and hotels.


At the restaurant, it is customary to leave a tip ranging between 10 to 15 percent, depending on the quality of service provided. The same applies to drivers, while baggage handlers get 50 cents per luggage. Sales tax in hotels is set at 8.5%.

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