Barbados is one of the Caribbean's finest vacation spot. You will find it all here. From excellent scuba diving, challenging golf clubs, spectacular beaches and scenery to cultural and historical landmarks; all appeal to your body and soul. This place is a true gem to discover for the most discerning travellers. About the beaches... They are quite simply amazing, with a fine white powder sand and crystal-clear, warm waters. Experts agree that beaches here are among the best in the world.


Average temperature in Barbados is 29 C during the day and 23 C at night.

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One fine way of discovering Barbados is to dive beneath the waves and explore the Dootins reef. You will be amazed by the colorful, healthy coral and the large variety of different species of fish. Not one to shy away from the attention, these reef creatures seem to crave the presence of divers. Sports enthusiasts will be pleased by the numerous possibilities on the island, whether enjoying beach volleyball, tennis, horse-back riding, or one of many great water sports such as sailing, or surfing, this place delivers on its promise every time! However, as many golf enthusiasts already know, Barbados ‘s West coast is famous for its many spectacular courses, snaking along the coast line. The occasional golfer will enjoy a nine-holes outing at the Rockeley or the Almond Beach Village recreational courses. The more passionate and skilled golfers will try their luck at the Royal Westmoreland Country Club, a truly magnificent world-level 18 holes course.


For adventure-seekers, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve offers a chance to see crocodiles, snakes, flamingos, monkeys and a lot more in an entirely safe environment. The setting recreates a wild, mildly authentic natural habitat that helps the visitor imagine a world where these animals roamed freely. Just further down south, you will find the Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary. On this absolutely enchanting site, you can observe rare and otherwise shy, feather creatures. It is one of Barbados most popular and must-see attraction.


Many restaurants , bars and dance clubs line the beach line enabling the most discerning party goers to find a spot to enjoy the warm evenings. These are mostly found in and around Bridgetown and in the larger resort hotels. Beautiful and authentic, Barbados is not easy to describe within just a few lines. Come to this island and enjoy it's seductive charms at your own pace. By the way, you can also drink the water directly from the tap as Barbados's water is one of the purest in the world.


Electrical current in Barbados is 110V, 50Hz. (


The local currency is the Barbados dollar. Even if prices are advertised in the local currency, American and Canadian dollars are accepted in most hotels, restaurant and shops. You can change your money in one of the islands' many banks and currency exchange offices. There are also many ATM on the island. Travellers' cheque and most major credit cards are widely accepted. To know the current exchange rate: Duty-free shopping is available in many shops with discounts running up from 30 to 50% on luxury items. For these purchases, one needs to show a valid plane ticket and passport. Certain types of merchandise (alcohol, tobacco, audio & video equipment , video games and electronics) are sent to the airport after your purchase, to be picked up upon departure. The Barbados authorities impose on all travelers a departure tax (approx 25$ BDS) that is usually included in your airfare. Otherwise, you have to pay this surcharge at the airport when leaving the country.


Hotels add a 7.5% sales tax and a 10% service tax to your purchases. All shops, restaurant and services also charge a government sales tax of 15% on invoices. Duty-free merchandise is exempt from this tax. Most restaurants usually add a 10% service fee on invoices. Look carefully before paying. Taxi drivers get a 10 to 15% tip, while baggage handlers will expect about 1$ per luggage.

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