Belize is an amazing tourist destination, but unfortunately a generally unknown destination! The second largest barrier reef in the world extends along 300 kilometers off the coast of Belize, which is why the country is loved so much by experienced divers and fishermen. However there certainly is much more to discover such as mountains soaring at 1,000 meters above sea level, waterfalls, jungle, wildlife, impressive Mayan sites and a very rich culture.


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Several oceanic features make Belize very attractive! The Great Blue Hole, a spectacular ocean fault 300 meters in diameter, is a must for scuba diving enthusiasts. Sinking in an underwater corridor surrounded by 15 meters stalactites is not quite for the more squeamish divers. Thrill seekers, however will marvel at all the spectacular sites and the reef's extraordinary beauty! Fish and colorful corals simply abound in crystal clear waters.


Many fascinating national parks can be visited. These natural harbors abound in a flora and in a very particular fauna. Jaguars, lizards, snakes, primates, crocodiles, turtles, pumas, you have to choose where to go according to your favorite animals! Cultural activities do not lack either. The country has many, well-preserved Mayan archeological sites. Among them the sites of Lamanai and Altun Ha are appreciated for their proximity to the metropolis of Belize City. The pyramids found there are majestic and definitely worth a visit. The Mayan site of Caracol is also well known as it contains the highest Mayan pyramid of Belize, another “must see”!


Besides the coral reefs, lush wildlife, archeological and historical sites, Belize will amaze you with its friendly people and its excellent, very tasty cuisine. Everything is easily explored in Belize. From north to south, there are only about 550 kilometers to go. Several other activities are available such as hiking in the Mayflower reserve, taking long walks through the streets of Belize City, visiting one of the many museums, lively squares, all while discovering local flavors and culture. We have'nt mentioned the beautiful beaches just waiting for you ... Everything is pleasant to do in Belize! This destination has not yet been discovered by tourism. One should take the opportunity to explore a beautiful country in its most natural state!


110 volts; 60 Hz. Flat prong sockets. It is suggested to bring an adapter. (http://www.levoyageur.net/prises.php?paysfr=Ha%EFti)


The Belize dollar is the official currency in Belize. For the exchange rate: http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/exchange/ Most hotels and restaurants will also accept US currency, travel checks or credit cards. ATM machines are available in larger cities. Usually, a 5% service charge is added on credit card purchases. When you negotiate prices, always specify the dollars you want to use but still offer the local currency first. The Belize authorities impose on all travelers a departure tax (approx 35$ USD) that is usually included in your airfare. Otherwise, you have to pay this surcharge at the airport when leaving the country.


The service is usually not included and it is polite to leave about 10%. Taxi drivers do not accept tips. Restaurants bills rarely include tips, while 10 to 15% for service will be appreciated.

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