Bermuda is one fine, distinguished destination when one can appreciate a taste of that typical English ambiance, yet without the nasty weather! There is something different about this place, where people dress in casual elegance; colourful cottages are neat and tidy, while culture and natural beauty blends carefully into old time calm and serenity. This British Overseas territory definitely is a fascinating place to discover.


The sub-tropical weather is relatively comfortable with daytime highs between 24 C to 29C and lows in winter, are stable around the 20C mark.

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Links aficionados rejoice! Bermuda is home to no less than eight of the classiest, more demanding professional golf courses in the world. Each has its own particular feature to outdo the others. For the Port Royal for instance, it is a myriad of activities offered on the premises, while The Tucker's Point is eloquently perched atop some rocky formations, along the coast line. They all offer a different challenge that is yours to discover. Each will find a level of difficulty to suit their style. Many other sports are offered directly at major hotels. Most have tennis courts; offer horseback riding, volleyball or hiking. Watersports are nothing to shy away from, as many shipwrecks await scuba diving enthusiasts at one of many interesting dive sites around the island. Now there's enough there to fuel the old Bermuda triangle legend! Nonetheless, if your thing is jet-skiing, sailing, windsurfing or breaking the waves aboard a sea kayak, this place will quite surely keep you busy!


More than just a pretty place, Bermuda is also home to a vibrant cultural scene. Museums, theaters, cinemas, cabarets, bars and art galleries abound in this creative, lively island. A visit to old fort Saint-Catherine is probably the most popular among a wide array of activities. The panoramic view is breathtaking and the site has remained in excellent condition. The Aquarium is another must-see attraction, where various scenes from the ocean world have been carefully recreated, much to the amazement of the entire family. Enjoy long, lazy walks down the streets of Hamilton where you will appreciate the colourful and crafty elegance of local architecture and monuments. After visiting Bermuda, you will find that once is never enough!


Bermuda is typically enjoyed by a more mature, discerning clientele who appreciate the unique charm and sophistication of the island and long days on the golf course. Nonetheless, families find plenty to do and will enjoy the many quiet and picture-perfect beaches. Once the sun sets on Bermuda, be advised that the club scene is somewhat more discreet than elsewhere. Here, live performances, theater and your friendly neighbourhood English pub is one fine way to spend the evening. , This doesn't mean Bermudians don't know how to party! In fact, the local music scene is vibrant and strong with clubs offering an eclectic blend of sounds borrowed from Jamaica, Trinidad and Puerto Rico. There is also approximately 150 restaurants on the island, catering to all budgets and tastes, from the simple corner dinner to more sophisticated, five-star culinary experiences .It is generally safe to drink tap water. One cannot rent a car in Bermuda but many choose to move around the island on scooters or hop on a taxi.


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The local currency is the Bermuda dollar which is at par with its American counterpart. To know the current exchange rate with the Canadian dollar: Even if prices are advertised in the local currency, American dollars are accepted everywhere; therefore you will not have to change your money. Other currencies can be exchanged at banks and currency exchange counters. ATMs can be found in the island's most populate areas. Travellers' cheque and most major credit cards are widely accepted.

There is a departure tax of 25 USD but it is usually included in your airfare. Be aware as if it is not included, it will be payable at the airport, upon departure.


There is no sales tax in retail stores. Hotels add a 7.25% tax and a 10% service charge (which covers gratuity for the baggage handlers and chamber maid). On occasion, certain accommodation such as inns and bed & breakfasts will charge an additional 5% energy charge. Restaurants usually include a 15% gratuity on your invoice. Please verify before paying your bill! Taxi drivers usually command a 15% tip, while airport baggage handlers will expect to receive one dollar per pieces of luggage.

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