Country of miracles and economic mirage, land of the samba and the only Portuguese speaking country in the Americas, Brazil and its many attractions seduces tourists each year. In fact, Brazil is by far, the number one tourist destination in South America. You are curious to discover a colorful and vibrant country? Brazil is the place for you!


Brazil is so vast that it is almost impossible to clearly state which is the best season to visit it. The country being located in the southern hemisphere, seasons are then reversed compare to our country. The coast offers a nearly Mediterranean climate: mild winter, warm summer. Example of average temperature in Rio de Janeiro:

j f m a m j j a o s n d
max 29 30 29 27 26 25 25 25 25 26 27 28
min 23 23 23 21 20 18 18 18 19 20 21 22


Enjoy many sports on rivers and sea. Whether for scuba diving, rafting, or sailing, several tours are offered to the thrill seekers. From amazing soccer matches, to the famous Rio Carnival, without forgetting kilometers of hot beaches, activities abound in the Brazilian cities. In Sao Paulo, where more than 20 million people live, restaurants, bars and cafés demonstrate the openness of Brazil on the world. Don't hesitate to stroll in the municipal market or to roam the downtown streets. You have chosen Rio de Janeiro? Climb up to the top of Corcovado, enjoy the beaches and the sun. Do some shopping or visit a favela (be careful to choose a safe favela!). Rio is the cultural capital of Brazil, a cultural and playful must! Colonial buildings, trendy boutiques, casinos, cabarets and fun-loving residents will make you discover an exciting Rio!


In most people's imagination, Brazil is closely associated with the Amazon. A chance to venture into the Amazon rain forest is an absolute must. With the equivalent of half of the world's tropical jungles, the Amazon is home to the most diverse biological ecosystems in the world. Oversized plants, countless colorful fish and birds, gigantic reptiles and much more exuberant forms of life will completely enchant you. Brazil is also fascinating in its more economic life. As an important producer of coffee, sugar and a wealth of delicious goods, Brazil will seduce all your senses with its south-American flavor, yet with a strong European influence.


« Land of contrasts » from the depth of the Amazon to the colossal Iguazu Falls, then from the drier area in the Northeast, sometimes called the drought quadrilateral or drought polygon to the lush Pantanal marshland, in Brazil, the nature reaches the extremes of all excesses. So come to Brazil for its beaches, its sun, for its music, for the madness of its carnival, for its tropical forests and the jungle of its cities…and mostly to shake your beliefs, and to let yourself be slowly devoured, by this land and its natives! Brazil, a cultural border you have to cross.


Tourist visa: Required

Business visa: Required

Student visa: Required

Tourist visas issued to Canadian passport holders are valid for multiple entries and usually five years from the date of issue.


From one region to another, outlets are either 110 V or 220 V, with two- pin plugs. It is suggested to bring an adaptor.


The official currency in Brazil is the Real. To find out about more the exchange rate: To obtain some loose change, we strongly recommend going to the câmbios (exchange offices), available in important cities, rather than the agencies of Banco do Brasil, which take a large commission. You can also do withdraw by card at ATMs, as many are spread throughout the country. Visa and MasterCard as well as debit cards are also accepted in most hotels and restaurant of certain category, and also in lots of stores and boutiques. Transactions are safe and take place at the official rate of the day.


In restaurants, service can or cannot be included on the bill. If not, the rating is increased by 10% which doesn't invite you to leave a tip…to this is also added, in more expensive restaurants, a 10% tax. When using a cab, you should round the amount if the taxi driver was nice or for short rides. One can also give 2-3 Reals to the hotel doormen as well as to the attendants at gas station if they clean your windows or verify the pressure of your tires. If you are travelling by car in Brazil, you will notice people in street parking that will offer to keep an eye on your car. The function of those “guards” is not official but can be observed everywhere. So we always remit 1 or 2 Reals when you return.

Information may change without notice. Some errors may have happened. Pictures and description for information purposes only.

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