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29938 pgorain Written on February 28th 2017 This review has been automatically translated
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A little corner of paradise

Positive :

Here is a 3 star hotel or 3 star and a half worth its weight in gold ... of course everything is never perfect but oufff it was not very far ... I'll try to describe the positive and negative a few points so that you know is what to expect before you go and make your stay more enjoyable ... positive: even if it will take approximately 2 hours to 2:15 because after the plane to go to Brisas Covarrubias, the game is worth it because the staff is friendly and pampers you with your arrival ... if you have a problem, we will do everything in your stay to meet you ... the staff is extra and do not hesitate to find you the little extra that makes your stay a moment of paradise ... reception staff, guide, gardener, maid, bartender, waiter, water sports center are all at your service ... even if you forget sometimes give a tip (yes I know ... it is not required and it is an all inclusive but it is all clean and well mannered tourists not !!!! although sometimes our rubbish bin spleen and our smile is far away and those who serve us ... a wise !!! ) Brief a smile and receive a hola (hello in Spanish) smiling ... Treat your maid with small sample of nail varnish colored pencils and eraser pens and I promise you one bedroom suite cleaner, be safe (this is an example) ... the restaurant is good not very good there are days with more choice and quality than others, but you always find something to fully satisfy your stomach ... there could more choice but I think too much is not necessarily a requirement, if the quality is ... but as some say friends is Cuba (and it was good like lollll) ... the hotel itself even 18 years and began his renovations for a year and it will be nine more in the coming months we already found the rooms very clean ... I'm looking forward to when they are renovating it will be wowwww ... the beach and access to the children at the top and safely you walk 500 m and more safely with crystal clear and warm sea ... the pool is superb very clean and maintained ... voila for positive ... in conclusion: a quiet hotel (if not ready by the pool) with a super nice staff and a beautiful beach and pool ... it does not come with the car 2h15 and return to its animation of day or to visit but just everything else ... we will return it on ... 8 10 is the note I will if I had to do it ... go there you will love your stay .. . soon PG NOTE: a LITTLE MORE WE TOOK THE SMALLEST vip oufff TOO GOOD BENEFITS YOU tO SEE ...

Negative :

approach the small negatives ... 1) there is little tour ... do not expect to visit like crazy ... set apart and holguin puerto padre ... after pull out the cash for transportation not included OTHER tOURS mORE DISTANT ouffff and ... we do not go to this hotel for these visits even if the guides and drivers are super good and pleasant it is the choice most lacking ... 2) animation ... well we will divide it into 3 points ... uhhh 0 2 of 10 in the afternoon ... it is believed that the trouble but they are very friendly ... this is a professional training issue or leader ship ... i do not know !!!! in any case they have everything to make quality places the framework structures and not awake or ready facilitator organize something it rains or the sun beats all its rays is the same ... mini soccer tournament or volleyball you spend the morning at breakfast we made a list of names called to start the business ... non !!! you come if you want to do what is written on the board and if you are 2 or less ah well no you can not do it is that 3 animators and you're 2 ... pathetic !!!! gentlemen it is not enough to be nice or very interested in girls or discuss your personal, it might be do your work please THANKS !!!! in the morning we say 4 to 5 of 10 for the smiling hosts the seen hello here or hello by but uhhh must not want to participate in a game of volley ball at 10am on the beach or 15h at the pool if you do are not a blonde or brunette ... seduce lollll !!! and then dance hummm my auntie did better, host not qualified mouhaaa evening ... ah ... well the friendly animation and great musician sometimes very good quality and aquatic show wowww traditional one bit do better (they started too late suddenly half the audience went to bed what a mess) brief 8 of 10 for the evening entertainment ... 3) the disco ... good DJ is not good at every toon is a white or cut and it never was his brief desk ... but it does not help with the pool bar which is permanently open with music you can not have a disco which mainly works facilitators do nothing in this direction ... well if you keep it open but without music bar if only out of respect for those who lodge near and wish the rest you will have a disco which turns the evidence of Saturday's visit the hotel management they did this result 35 people at the disco until 1:30 am ... beautiful holiday evening ... ah yes non animators them they stayed in the pool to seduce chicks or 2 talk oufff them more capable lolll the ... that's the only staff or if and urge it do housework while others are extraordinary ... 4) Sunwing flight ... very good but watch the food in the aircraft already not good pays the big anything (this is pure scam and takes a slice of pizza cardboard noodle dinner and craft-type inedible = $ 23.95) ... eat before it is advice .
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