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It is a three star, but very good. Very nice site, not too big so everything is close. Well located (near downtown) is only 5 minutes walk from the mercado of 15th Avenue .. I will go back. Rooms for the outdated decor and furniture but very comfortable. Suggestion: bring feebreeze gonna remove moisture odor You can pay extra for the renovated section near the beach. No ants, mosquitoes no coffee is excellent. there is even a coffee bar 15h to 22h with specialty coffees. The only reservation to restore a map are in the morning for the same evening. The Snak Bar closes 4 16h, so you have to wait until supper 19h. The snack bar not hamburguer, hot dog very rarely, no not even fry buffet. often repetitive buffet, but there are still good chicken, good fish and rices preparing different delicious way. There is always a meat on the plate. A Cuban fiesta day with very good pig. another day a big ham or turkey great he cut in front of you. tennis court, mini soccer field, giant chess, table tennis and gym.

Positive :

Beautiful beach, sand is fine, no need for water shoes. No need bezel and palm there are no fish have near the hotel and if you take a package to go to see, this will be provided. Very nice pool with shallow end, paddling a hand and also whirlpool apart. Very friendly staff everywhere (maybe a little less housekeeping) The restore is Italian a la carte every other night, it is excellent. The other night it's international ca not worth it. There is no toaster but there are pancakes, French toast (you bring Nutella, maple syrup, jam, peanut butter) They make eggs and omelette on the plate, very good as well that smoothies delicious lunch. Bechamel sauce for pasta is excellent, better than the tomato. There is always a good soup. There is always the cucumber, but I have not seen any olive Desserts are repetitive but be good, it is always good ice cream. There the slush at the lemonade and pina at 24 bar and snack bar, but not the beach. Bring you a large thermos glass to refuel before going to the beach !!!

Negative :

Dinners are only beginning to 19h. The shows are 9:30 p.m. ET later there is no children's entertainment before the show for all. The animation is not very present. never more than two annimateurs. in total they are just 4 .. They are not the ones who make the shows. The day hand am placge volleyball and a competition style play. And 16h near the pool and show stage and snack bar, there is a competition games and one round of ino no more. No aerobics, water polo, aqua gym etc ... although on the program. This is a client who has left his volleyball and I have left a soccer ball, because it does not have a budget. The children's club is almost all the time close, if someone is not to animate. Children must occupy himself by slipping against swings and outdoor accessible at all times always Lack of toilet paper but at least there are seats and lids. (Bring a roller or pad with you) must pay for the safety deposit box (but cheap 2 pesos per day) .High almost never works, it does not bother buying the card has 2 pesos. No beer at 24 bar, only the snack bar or the beach that opens at 10am. Some dogs and cats wandering but I've seen worse.
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