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sylviecarrier gives you his rating about Barlovento Hoteles C in Varadero, Cuba.

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15813 sylviecarrier Written on April 26th 2011 This review has been automatically translated
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Comments from sylviecarrier :

I'm going in late March 5th two weeks my trips to Varadero .... I think for chioleux important to check the date was perhaps not the same ....

Positive :

I go to this hotel for the first time, but this is my fifth trip to Varadero March 25 .. 2 weeks ...... Ho yes ... I liked .. own ... staff very well with everyone tip works like this .... why them bouffre Nice room very well ... bbqsur beautiful dinner time .. pool clean entertainment ... well it is in the city center .. going for a walk if you get bored BARS THAT THERE ARE LIKELY can distract you ....

Negative :

YES ... there is a smell of gas on 2 weeks 3 mornings we felt the gas ... but not all day it does not last long .. This is for people who can not travel and that any chiolent week instead of appreciating their holidays.
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