CURACAO, a volcanic and coral island, is one of the Leeward Islands, nicknamed ABC islands (with Aruba and Bonaire) and is only about 60km north of Venezuela. Due to its geographical location, the island of Curacao is located outside the hurricane belt. The official language is Dutch (84%) but a large majority of people speak Papiamento (a kind of Creole created from several languages) as well as English.


Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate with an average maximum temperature between 28 ° and 32 ° C.

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With so many kilometers of coastline, almost all water sports are at your fingertips: swimming, sailing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, etc. The underwater world of Curaçao is renowned worldwide for its scuba diving sites (40 different regions and 65 dive sites), the Mushroom Forest (mushroom shaped coral), and numerous shipwrecks and aircrafts. There are many options of activities for those who prefer to stay dry such as horseback riding, rock climbing, cycling, mountain biking and tennis. Golfers will also be delighted by the beautiful grounds. You will also find many casinos, the traditional market and the retail shops in the historic district of Punda.


Willemstad, the capital, one of the few cities classified as a UNESCO World Heritage in the Caribbean, and the two historic districts, Punda (landmark ) and Otrabanda ( the other side ) are separated by a natural channel on each sides of St. Ann's Bay and connected by a long natural jetty. Its streets are full of colorful houses in the Dutch colonial style. Discover nature in the wild Christoffel National Park, Curacao's largest nature reserve which offers many hiking path allowing you to admire the local fauna and flora. Curaçao offers sumptuous attractions: the largest natural harbor, the museum of Willemstad or the Curacao distillery. Willemstad has no less than eight historic forts... Amsterdam, Nassau, Beekenburg, Waakzaamheid, Riffort and Waterfort, all worth a visit.


Visit the New Market, for a fun shopping experience where local products and handicrafts that are sold there. The island offers a variety of mixed international cuisines and a variety of restaurants for all budgets. Music plays a large part in everyday life and it is a tribute to the great assembly of ethnic groups. Rental cars are available at the airport or at major hotels. You can rent motorcycles and bicycles in the city. WILLEMSTAD (Guillaume city) nicknamed the "Amsterdam of the tropics" is a typical port town without hinterland.


110 / 120V; 50Hz (same as Canada and US)


In Curacao the legal currency is the Antillean guilder (ANG), at parity with the US dollar. Although prices are displayed with the national currency, the US dollar is accepted, but perhaps it is best to withdraw nafles or guilder from bank distributors and pay in that currency. Cuts of US $50 and $100 can become difficult to exchange. To know the exchange rate of the Antillean guilder: ATM machines are available almost everywhere and some dispense US dollars. All major credit cards and travelers checks are accepted. There are no duty-free shops, but other places such as Salina, Otrabanda, Renaissance Mall & Rif Fort Renaissance Mall as well as the Mall of the Promenade are all sites offering typical products from the island such as Curacao liqueur, jewelry, wooden sculptures and hammocks. Stores are usually open Monday to Saturday from 8am to noon and then from 14h to 18h. Curacao is a paradise for shopaholics. A departure tax of about 32USD per person is payable at the airport when you leave the country.


The hotels, restaurants and all goods and services purchases are subject to a government sales tax of 7%. Hotels add a 12% service tax. The restaurants usually include 10% service charge on the bill but you can leave more money at your discretion. Taxi drivers should have a 10% tip and baggage handlers should receive $ 1 per bag.

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