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The beauty of the place is breathtaking, literally. A temperature ranging from 25 to 32 degrees every day. Several kilometers of beach, the sea is warm and the water is beautiful.

Positive :

The site is very nice and clean. Great rooms with a minibar in the same room. What is interesting with the Riu chain is that you can walk on the site of the other Riu too, so Riu Merengue and Riu Mambu. Free access to the gym with heated air and more! The coffee is excellent to start the day! Side food: Buffet restaurant - Bahía de Maimon Lunch: Excellent, unlike Cuba, real maple syrup available. Many varieties, the cook will make you an omelet to your liking or eggs with a smile, without hope of TIP. Dinner and supper: It's good, but a bit repetitive. At least, the dishes are tasty. By cons, they really cook too much meat in general so it's a little dry, it can be negative for some, positive for others. With sauce, I was shooting with it in the end.

Negative :

la carte restaurants: To book, it is essential you are at the entrance of the main buffet (the Bahía de Maimon) Between 7:00 to 10:30. For cons, I suggest you get there very early. All week, even at 7:50 am, I was told that it was already full .... Two restaurants are available - Italiano Restaurant & Grill-Steakhouse - Normally in a 5 star, we have the right automatically a dinner in each, but seems it that Republic had to fight for a place ... Even though I'm only 23, I have been fortunate to travel a lot. I have enough sense to know what to expect depending on the package and the price that I pay. When I go to a three-star in Cuba, generally I know that the food will not be the '' top '' of my expectations. By cons, when I pay for a five star hotel in the Republic I expect all the same to a minimum. We arrived at my boyfriend and I, an unfortunate event. In fact, my friend found a cockroach in her pizza, below the cheese. I do not think the hotel is unsafe. Sometimes it is the neglect of one employee and the damage is done! But the way the staff handled the situation was a bit disappointed. Noting the presence of an insect in his pizza, my boyfriend is the result went to show the chef who did not say much ... I told him to go and inform the front desk staff. The girl took the complaint and asked for our room number. The next day, still nothing! So, since I believe it is unacceptable to allow a client to find a cockroach in his food in a five star, we went back to ask what happened in the situation. A '' manager '' came to talk to us and we explained the situation again and very calmly. She said she would speak to the chef in question the next day. At dinner time, still no news. Just before dinner, my boyfriend sees the counter and will therefore ask him a follow. She replied: ''? The Chiefs did not seem to know what I was talking, Have you taken a picture '' The boucane beginning to come out of my ears, I think we have better to do than to invent a such history and certainly not as much time to waste VACATION. She finished by:? So what you expect of us' '' Well I do not know if such a situation came to my restaurant, I think that compensation is appropriate and adequate response to correct the situation. In short, a great lack of judgment on the part of this person.
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