Guadeloupe is destination not well known by Quebecers in comparison to the other grand touristic sites. It's a destination packed with activities, all more interesting than the other. Few hotels offer an all inclusive stay, but Guadeloupe is the perfect occasion to discover a Creole cuisine within small restaurants in town or in the area. The discovery there is truly an honor! Guadeloupe offers an environment that will simply take your breath away. Five islands or archipelagos can be seen. Grande-Terre, Basse-Terre, La Desirade, Pigeon Island and Marie Galante are the islands you can visit. On the Cousteau reserve of Pigeon Island, an extraordinary diving site is located there. Giant sea turtles, sponges, coral and magnificent fish make this site a must-see for ocean lovers. On La Desirade, this naturally calm haven invites you to relax and discover an extravagant wilderness. Several species of lizards and birds live there in harmony among the majestic flowers. On the big islands, exotic fruit plantations can be very intriguing. Our agents recommend a visit to the Litchi Plantation responsible for producing an exceptional fruit and extraordinary when found in its fields. Guadeloupe is all a cultural miscegenation living on the great islands! Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre are the right places to taste a rather soft Creole cuisine, but full of flavor. This is easily explained because seafood is in most of the meals; therefore the taste of ocean products must dominate most of the dishes. Smoked cod, in a dish or in soup, comes with a crab sauce that is out of this world. Sauces made from coco milk and stews are also delicious! The Guadeloupian culture is not only experiencing taste! With a notable artisan tradition, you will discover popular art from the region in the markets or public places. Several museums and historical sites related to the colonization can be seen as well. And what to say about all the rest: a breathtaking beach, exciting urban life, rum distilleries, and hiking trails – all of these can be done at Guadeloupe. But, if you miss out on the other great attractions; just plan a second trip to this seducing place!
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