Martinique is a postcard island. It is the sky, the sun, the sea...Singing in Antillean Creole using lots of vowels! You can already get a feeling for this enchanting island. The language is nasalized, mix of English words, Spanish, Caribbean, African and pure idioms over a French base; visitors who do not make the effort will not understand anything!


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Martinique offers a variety of water activities. Surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing on the beaches of Anse Michel, Vauclin or Pointe du Bout; everywhere on the island, you can enjoy kayaking, sailing, canyoning, body boarding and jet skiing ... The upcoming development of the beach path will connect together the towns of Basse-Pointe and Robert, for a total of approximately 48 km. The road already passes through several coastal villages: Basse-Pointe, Le Lorrain, Marigot, Sainte-Marie and La Trinité. It is a fairly easy trail but at times can become a challenging hike, sometimes easy, other times taking you through the rainforest; better pick a day when the sky is low... You can also rent a car, a bicycle or a motorcycle that are available at the airport or in town. Of all available sports in Martinique, one that is best organized is mountain climbing as the landscape is just a vast playground with hills, cliffs, mountain ranges and a famous volcano.


In Fort-de-France, you can visit large crafts and food market as well as a busy fish market. Explore Fort Saint- Louis, the Regional Museum of History and Ethnography overlooking the port's entry. It is also home of the House of Sugar (Maison de la Canne) and the Museum of the Domaine de la Pagerie in Trois-Islets, while in Sainte -Luce, you will find the Trois-Rivières, rum distillery, one of the many to be found on the island. In the region of Sainte-Marie, there is the St James rum and banana museum. In Saint-Pierre, you can visit the Franck-Perret volcanology museum, the Cyparis jail cell, the Depaz distillery all while constantly enjoying the view of magnificent Mount Pelée.


Rum from Martinique is the only rum in the world to have obtained an AOC recognition, a certification, not unlike wine. Sample the "white rum" or "hay rum”, aged one year in oak barrels; or the "old rum" which ages in oak barrels for 3 years. Enjoying the ancient recipes such as the traditional dish" d'antan lontan” will allow you to discover the best of Martinique meals. Also a must, the Creole dish that can be found in all menus just before smoked chicken, stuffed crab and the blaffs (fish marinated in a mixture of spices and lime).


You will find some upscale restaurants but there is also the famous “lolos”, small local restaurants where you can eat well at a very affordable price. Dancing to orchestral music, cheerful and accessible to all is quite popular. Tonic and lascivious, the "biguine", the "Queen of all dances" is enjoyed enough that it has practically become a national sport. Salsa and reggae are also very popular. The nightlife is not a tradition in the West Indies. Therefore, the nightclubs in Fort -de- France and its surrounding are there for the enjoyment of young urbanites. And how exotic is the Caribbean Christmas! But on the island as elsewhere in the Caribbean, the highlight for fun and dance is indeed THE Carnival on Easter weekend. The Fiesta is guaranteed on beaches and in hotels!


220V, 50H. An adapter is required.


As for all French departments, the Euro is used in Martinique. For the exchange rate: You must carry sufficient money with you, because you might often need to pay your purchases in cash. ATMs are numerous (ATM) and there are no withdrawal fees (the maximum allowed varies depending on your card). They can easily be found in the main towns where are located the largest banks branches. The US and Canadian dollars are widely accepted but generally with a less favorable rate.


Hotels and resorts add a tax ranging between 0.76 to 2.25 Euros per person per day, depending on the region. Hotels usually add a 10% service fee. Restaurants normally include a 15% tip on the bill but you can leave a little more at your discretion. Taxi drivers can receive a 10% tip and baggage handlers will receive $1 per bag.

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