Acapulco has been a stellar vacation spot for generations of tourists seeking permanent sunshine and a wealth of exciting things to do. Over the years, an extensive variety of well-organized tours and outings has developed, from golfing to scuba diving and around a wide assortment of sports and leisure activities, designed to suit every tourist's fancy. Acapulco has got it all; from its legendary night life, great food and spectacular natural surroundings. It seems everything is just around the corner from the bay and its wonderful beaches.


The region enjoys near-perfect weather. Many travelers rely on Acapulco to ensure they might simply not see a drop of rain during their stay!

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Acapulco is, first and foremost, known for its famous bay and its warm water, lined with great beaches where one can find an extensive variety of sun pleasures. Water skiing, wind surfing, sailing, jet skiing, kayaking and more; it's all there for your enjoyment on at least one of Acapulco's beaches. For the link's aficionados, a golf course is easily accessible just outside of town.


With some amazing coral reefs nearby, certain beaches of Acapulco have become specialized in offering some interesting scuba diving expeditions. The reefs are home to a breath-taking variety of colourful marine life. Impressive corals, schools of fish, caves and rock formations offer a spectacle that will ensure life-long memories. Travellers are then invited to take full advantage of the many sights and sounds the city has to offer. The town has itself, many attributes to satisfy tourists, many times over. The small streets of the downtown core lead up to a vibrant central square, appreciated for its architectural mosaics. The town has many different museums that offer a wide array of cultural and artistic interest. Bordering the town, El Veladero National Park awaits visitors with its natural wonders and cave paintings, left behind by the very earliest indigenous populations who lived in the area centuries ago. The park is home to fabulous sights and a wide array of trees, plants, flowers, birds, lizards and snakes. The scenery is serene, breathtaking and inspiring!


Acapulco is also renowned for its numerous restaurants and bars where one can dine then party until late into the night. This town has known how to put on a show, day and night, for a long time! The town's festive reputation is well earned and one can expect quite the fiesta! Shopping is also a must, in Acapulco. Its countless fashion boutiques will satisfy all tastes and budgets! At the market, great deals are to be had by the discerning shopper, but remember to negotiate with the vendors. Important savings come with your ability to get that price down! So negotiate! Acapulco has been a travel destination for a long time. It has aged a bit, but works constantly on improving itself through a constant evolution in its choice of activities and exciting cultural life. Whether to shop, eat or rest under the sun in a festive atmosphere, Acapulco remains an entertaining and safe destination.


Electrical voltage in Acapulco is 110 volts.


The Mexican Peso is the currency used in Mexico. To know the current exchange rate with the Canadian dollar:


In Mexico, it is best appreciated to use the local currency when tipping. This way, people can actually purchase what they really need. With the trade agreements, nearly all commodities are available in Mexico and its people have access to all common consumer goods. All information may be subject to change without notice. Photos and descriptions are indicative only.

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