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12386 catalina6920 Written on February 20th 2010 This review has been automatically translated
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Positive :

Although this is the first hotel where I stay in Cancun, it's good, it's a nice hotel and very propre.La pool and its water quality is good, if somewhat small for the amount of people in terms of capacité.Le service is courteous and the restaurant food international bonne.Petite beach, the sand is beautiful and the pool area is bien.Le spa is superb! very zen and clean with multiple services and impeccable service. Very nice restaurant sushi thai: cozy atmosphere and menu at terrasse.Bon Mexican restaurant, minimalist decor.

Negative :

Unlucky he did not fine this week, so it was wet and cold for Mexique.Le Sunwing representative is available and very professionnel.Le Italian Restaurant: Thai food mauvaise.Restaurant: the sushi is not good but the food thai are acceptables.La bathroom in the room too small and not ventilée.Pas balconies and windows of the room open to family pas.Hotel too moi.Manque animation during the day and especially soirée.On can no book has our favorite restaurants so expect to be patient for a table in the rush hour of supper.
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