There isn't just one Spain, there are several. A warm and dynamic country, Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Each year, millions of visitors vibrate in Barcelona, explore Catalonia and wind along the Mediterranean coast. Spain will seduce you with the many folds of its singularly diverse Spanish, Catalan and Basque cultural heritage. From large, vibrant cities to quaint villages, Spain is a staple of the old Europe.


Spain enjoys three distinct climate types: continental, maritime and Mediterranean. Late spring (May, June) and fall (September) are ideal moments for travelling in Spain.

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A barbaric ritual or sublime art ? Corridas (bullfights) take place during the days of feria and at other festivals, or on every Sunday during the high season in the larger cities. The weather gets too hot? Go to the beach! From the downtown core of many major cities, you're merely minutes away from a dip in the Mediterranean. Spain is a paradise for hikers looking for diverse and peaceful landscapes. The climate is generally pleasant all year round as taking a long leisurely walk (paseo) is nothing less than an authentic ritual in the Iberian Peninsula. Around 7:00pm-8:00pm, Spaniards have a habit of wandering the city streets, or along the seaside to stroll, see and be seen, where flare and elegance take its sense. This is a time to be enjoyed, appreciated. In the evening, enjoy tapas and dance in one of the many clubs in the city. After 11:00pm, as the crowds pour out of the restaurants, the streets belong to the night owls that rotate from bar to bar, in the most vibrant neighborhoods. Here the nightlife is often more intense than the daytime activities. In Spain, all the reasons are good for a party. Time to stop on one of many outdoor terraces and enjoy a refreshing sip of sangria. Then you will understand the party reputation of Barcelona!


An area buzzing with resorts, the region around Malaga attracts many visitors who are eager to discover Picasso and other Cubists. The Picasso museum, in the heart of the old town is set in medieval palace of Catalan Gothic architecture. The region is also known for the Dolmen de Viera, a fascinating ancient burial corridor. Transport yourself to the north and now discover Valencia, a beautiful city not to be missed. Region of the paella and a rich, tasty culinary tradition, Valencia also fascinates by its both classic and avant-garde architecture. Among the many buildings to see, the City of Arts and Science is undoubtedly one that attract more visitors A site of futuristic architecture in the heart of town, the City was built in the early 2000s. The region of Valencia also offers an opportunity to discover the flavorful wines of Alicante and Valencia. Our route then continues northward to Barcelona. Curvaceous, shaped by Gaudi, this festive city never sleeps! While there, take the time to discover the splendid, yet enormous Sagrada Familia Basilica.


You must reach out and meet its wonderful people, enjoy the bodegas and feast on their wonderful cuisine because Spain is a country worth living. Going on a tapas tour is a tribute to the Spanish art of living. In general, three or four tapas will provide a good, light meal. This cuisine not only is diverse, it is inexhaustible! Spain is primarily a mosaic of cultures, old and modern, sophisticated and popular, sacred and secular, pluralistic and diverse. The Andalusian Gypsies invented the flamenco. So in Andalusia expect to be taken away by the rhythms of flamenco !. Spanish art is one of the most important cultural heritages of the world. It must be said that the Spanish nightlife is certainly one of the most active in Europe or the world, for that matter! Despite all this, you will see only a fraction of Spain. You will not have danced in Ibiza. You will not have hiked up to Saint Jacques de Compostela and its beautiful rural landscapes. You will not have discovered Toledo, a magnificent medieval town where every street is a trip back in time. You will not have seen Salamenca, Seville, Cordoba and all these fascinating cities that make Spain a unique country. However, this is unavoidable, to discover each attraction in Spain, you would need more than one life!


220 Volts, 50 Hertz. You need an adaptor.


The Euro (€) is the legal currency in Spain. The international credit cards for payments are widely accepted in stores. When you make a payment, you should show your passport or identity card. There is no departure tax at the airport. The value added tax (IVA in Spain) on most goods is 18%.


In Spain, gratuities are expected even if they are not mandatory. At the restaurant, the service is included, but not any gratuity. Certainly it is not mandatory, but it is polite to leave something (up to 10% of the bill).Baggage handlers and porters receive 2€ per bag and maids should receive 2€ per day. Taxi drivers usually receive 10 % of the total fare. Almost all restaurants and bars include a 15% service charge on the bill.

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