If Margarita begins to be well known by Quebec travelers, then few will want to discover the continental Venezuela. It's because there's two kinds of travel in Venezuela. First, the trips to Margarita, an island just north of Venezuela, corresponds better to one who wants to enjoy the beach. On the other hand, the continental Venezuela is an exciting, dynamic and sometimes dangerous country. This part is for travelers that know this danger and are brave. The traveler must be sure of what he wants and what's best for him. The best way to distinguish Margarita from continental Venezuela is to describe briefly those two types of trips. At Margarita, the travelers are looking for a calm destination for underwater diving. Several diving sites present colorful reefs or ship wrecks. The marine life has completely taken over these underwater portraits creating a magnificent view. All sorts of hotels are offered. Whether a small hotel in town or a luxurious hotel along the beach, lots of products are offered at a competitive price. An anciently fortified island, Margarita is a theatre of many forts or bastions, either in good shape or in ruin. Other sites are for seeing as well, whether it's the Restinga Park and its very beautiful beach or the Macanao Mountain with its impressive view on a good part of the island. Margarita is also the ideal spot for a stroll in the streets and discovering a natural mountainous landscape. The continental Venezuela is very different. Of course, luxurious vegetation and many historical sites are waiting for you. The difference is mostly touristic; being less busy from travelers, the continent permits you to live an immersion experience in the Venezuelan culture. This implies to understand the daily realities of this country, but also to take some supplemental precautions. At Caracas, it's preferable to not attract attention to yourself among the residents to avoid minor infractions. Not looking like a tourist or a fortunate person lessens your chances of becoming a victim of a crime. If you take these recommendations seriously, a trip to Venezuela will make you discover a very different and tough country. Between the green mountains, Caracas and its five million people make up a mixed and colorful town. Get informed of the shows and the parties in town before your trip, you won't regret it! What kind of traveler are you? Understanding your type of tourism will lead you to Margarita or to the continent. Venezuela awaits you! Venezuela in a few lines Currency: Bolivar Language: Spanish Time Zone: 90 minutes behind Quebec Electricity: 110 Visitation Documents Required: Valid passport of six months, entry card given with airline ticket. Population: Approx. 28.2 million people National Meal: Pabellon Criollo Climate: Tropical, but may vary from region to region Pocket Dictionary Yes: Si No: No Thank you: Gracias It was nothing: De nada Please: Pour favor Excuse me: Disculpeme Hi: Hola Good night: Buenas noches Bye: Adios Good morning: Buenas dias See you soon: Hasta Good afternoon: Buenas tardes Good evening: Luego Where's the bathroom? : Donde esta el bano? What's your name? : Como se llama? How are you? : Como estas? Good: Bien Bad: Ma Some Traditions It is difficult to connect with the Venezuelan traditions in a uniform way. The population consists of European, African and Native origins. Many traditions have been mixed and form the regional characteristics rather than a homogeny of national culture. The hammock is, however, part of traditional furniture of Venezuela. Don't be surprised when you see some for sale in the markets because it's an item that a majority of families have. Also, it can be an authentic Venezuelan souvenir!
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