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Travel Insurance
is the most important item to place in your journey. In fact you should always set a time to ensure that your insurance offers you the complete coverage you need. Medical costs are the main source of concern. Make sure you have unlimited medical coverage. The second concern is the protection cancellation before departure. The reservations for our trip are often made months in advance. Many factors can influence our lives and it is a shame to lose all the investment of our dream trip; for a few dollars a day you'll rest easy. "
Your survival tool is your hand luggage. Put in your hand luggage what you consider essential in case of possible delays in luggage delivery, or if you arrive early at the hotel and your room is not available until later. If such a case, it is possible to leave your luggage at the hotel in a place determined by them. For example, pack a swimsuit and sandals, to be able to get the most from your vacation early! Put sunscreen (max 100 ml), and prescribed medication . Keep a photocopy of your passport and your travel insurance contract in your carry on . Once at the hotel, store them in your safe.
Make your suitcase
Divide your clothes equally between the two suitcases. Plan your clothing for the duration of the trip.We have a tendency to pack too many things in our suitcases, which we will perhaps never use during our stay. Talk to your partner for advise. Given the limited weight allowed on the plane, you must restrain yourself. Choose light clothes that coordinate together and which don't need ironing. Also choose sandals or shoes that can match easily with most of your clothing. Bring shampoo, toothpaste, gel, cream in travel sizes. You will save weight and space in your suitcase. Roll clothes to avoid wrinkles.
Exercise in the plane!
To avoid numbness or swelling in the plane, do a little exercise. As such, swing your feet in order to raise and lower the knees, spin your ankles, heel up several times as if to be on your toes. Wear loose clothing so as not to impede circulation. Wear compression stockings (prescription) if you suffer from phlebitis or varicose veins. And most importantly, drink plenty of water.
Control your fear of flying
The aircraft remains by far one of the safest transport. If you are among those who feel more comfortable with your feet on the ground then in the air, try these tips:
Some medications can be prescribed to relax or make you drowsy, be careful to consume them in moderation and do not take them with alcohol.
Once installed, you should try to relax.
From then until the end of the takeoff, discuss with your neighbour; reading and listening to music, are useful tools for "thinking about something else." Flight attendants are trained to help you, talk to them.
.. Avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol, which increase aggression and fear.
Representative on the destination site
During a all-inclusive formula vacation, most wholesalers offer the services of a destination agent. It will welcome you upon your arrival at the airport and drive you to your hotel. To familiarize yourself with your resort and available excursions, please attend the information session given by your representative. In this session, you may be told when and how to reach him, making your stay easier in case you need him. He could give you valuable tips to help you enjoy your vacation. Use the forum to ask other travelers what they did to and what they recommend you should do.
Customs and habits in other destinations are often different from us, To avoid surprises, get ready for any eventuality. It is better to ask the price before boarding a taxi. If you want to change your room for a sea view room, for example, ask to visit before accepting the change. In public transportation, check with other passengers to know the exact prices, because sometimes one can try to make you pay a "price for tourists."
Buffet and food
Buffet formula has its advantages and inconvenients. If we want to sample everything on the first day, the buffet will quickly become tiresome and we shall feel that it lacks in variety. It is better to make an informed choice and to reserve the pleasure for the taste buds for other days ...
Your meals will be more varied. Also avoid eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables the early days. Allow at least 48 hours for your digestive system to get used to this new fresh food that you're not normally consuming this time of year at home. All this in order to avoid your system's normal reaction which could be confused with Turista!
Calling Card
Each destination has its phone calling system; find out what is more economical. Sometimes the internet is cheaper but so slow that the calling card would ultimately have been more advantageous. Use the forum to ask other travellers what they think.
Dirty Laundry
Bring a plastic bag to separate dirty clothes from clean ones. You can also bring a travel size laundry soap and wash a few pieces in the sink. There are also pencils to fix stains! An elastic clothesline available in the travel accessories aisle can be very useful for drying your clothes before packing them in your suitcase.
Sand flea
Avoid bringing, and especially laying down your beach towels on your bed. you will thus avoid contaminating your entire room with fleas that would like nothing better than to suck on your blood at night.
Close your bags
Before closing the bags when coming back, empty them thoroughly and shake them outside of your room in order to avoid bringing any insects that you might have encounters during your trip. This precaution is worth its weight in gold!

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