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General information

Do you have a license from the Office de la protection du Consommateur (Consumer Protection Office)?

Like all travel agencies in good standing in Quebec, Cheaper Vacations® holds an Office de la protection du Consommateur (Consumer Protection Office) license, number 703528, which is issued subject to compliance with the strict rules that have been put in place to ensure quality services.

Please note that sending your cancellation request does not mean that your reservation is automatically canceled. A $100 fee applies on a cancellation or a modification.

Cheaper Vacations® Benefits

Here are eight good reasons why choose Cheaper Vacations® for your next vacation:

  • We are a 100% local company founded in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, who has been assisting for over 20 years more than 110,000 passengers yearly to get to their travel destinations;
  • Our free and exclusive protections provide compensation to thousands of travelers in the event of inclement weather or price fluctuations;
  • The expertise of our reputable travel professionals, providing prompt and dedicated service before, during and after your trip;
  • We offer generous gifts when booking most of our packages;
  • We offer exclusive discounted rates with our Top Chrono packages that allow you to save big;
  • We value transparency and integrity in our relationships with our customers;
  • We hold a license from the Office de la protection du consommateur (Consumer Protection Office) which gives you additional financial protection from the Compensation Fund for Customers of Quebec Travel Agents.

In addition, our website offers you a unique shopping experience and several features, such as :

  • Displaying the total price of family packages to target the best price available to you;
  • The possibility to book your cruise online with an exclusive search engine.

My Profile and My Price Alerts

On the home page, in the upper right corner of your screen, click on My profile. On the login page, manually enter your e-mail and password, or use the quick login through Facebook or Gmail buttons if you have accounts on these platforms. If you do not have a Cheaper Vacations® profile yet, click on the link located under “Sign up today” and fill out the required fields. The registration process takes only two minutes.

Here are all the benefits and free features when you register on our website. Your virtual profile allows you to: 

  • Download your e-travel documents;
  • Keep a history of your past trips;
  • Rate your recent trips;
  • Easily monitor the price of your favorite travel products;
  • Receive notifications related to your activities on the website;
  • Manage your price alerts;
  • See the history of your active travel credits.

Have you already tried our Price Alerts on our Website? With this, we can contact you by email or SMS when your travel package will be under the price you have determined. Your Price Alerts can be found in your profile on our Website. This is where you can edit and delete them.

In the Purchase History section of your profile, you have access to your e-tickets, your parking discount voucher and all the details regarding your booking. This is also where you will find an evaluation form upon returning from your trip.

We consider the integrity and security of your personal information to be of utmost importance. We encourage you to be cautious and to log out at the end of each session, especially when using a public computer.

E-travel documents

Your e-tickets are available approximately three weeks before your departure date in the Purchase History section of your Profile:


1.     Log in to your Cheaper Vacations® account.

2.     Go to the Purchase History section.

3.     In your current booking, click on See my electronic documents.

4.     In the drop-down list, select e-tickets.

5.     Enter the required information to access your tickets online.

If you are unable to collect your tickets through us, you can try to go directly through the carrier's ticket office :

We recommend printing your tickets before leaving for the airport.

Please e-mail us at [email protected], or contact us by phone at 1-844-727-2437 if you departure is imminent. 

Price Drop Protection

If the price of your reserved vacation package drops in the 7 days following your purchase and your departure is more than 18 days away, we will provide you with a travel credit equivalent to the price difference up to a maximum of $150 per adult. The travel credit can be applied on your next booking. The Price Drop Protection is unique and completely free of charge. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Conditions apply.

  • The Price Drop Protection applies exclusively to seven nights and more all-inclusive South Vacation Packages*;
  • You must submit your claim within 7 days (168 hours) of your booking and your departure must be more than 18 days (432 hours) away; 
  • You must submit your claim for the same all-inclusive South Vacation Package, the same tour operator, the same dates, the same room category, the same inclusions and the same flight (seat class included). Screenshot must be taken from our website;
  • Only one claim may be submitted per booking. The first claim received by our team will be reviewed. Claims received afterwards will not be accepted, even if the first claim has not yet been processed by our department;
  • The Price Drop Protection covers only price fluctuations on adult rates and the price drop must fall between $5 and $150 per adult;
  • If you qualify for the Price Drop Protection, you will receive a non-transferable travel credit that cannot be redeemed for cash;
  • If you qualify for the Price Drop Protection and accept the compensation, you will lose prior benefits, such as gifts (including instant discounts);
  • A single travel credit will be issued for the entire group booking (e.g., if there are six adults in the group, the names of all six people will appear on one travel credit);
  • The Price Drop Protection does not apply to promotional travel packages;
  • The Price Drop Protection cannot be combined with any other similar protection from the tour operator. If the latter offers any similar price drop guarantee/protection, it will have priority over our Price Drop Protection.

Once you have reserved your trip, you are responsible to check whether or not the price has changed within 168 hours of purchase. How to do this? Couldn't be easier!   

From the search engine on the home page, you must search by entering exactly the same criteria as when you purchased your South Vacation Package (all information must be the same: dates, hotel, room category, flights, etc.).

1. From the search engine on the home page, you must search by entering exactly the same criteria as when you purchased your South Vacation Package (all information must be the same: dates, hotel, room category, flights, etc.).

2. After selecting your room category and flights, click on Price Details (in turquoise) in order to view detailed information regarding the cost of your package. Take a screenshot of this page and save it to your computer in PNG or JPEG format. Warning: make sure that the vacation package information as well as the date and time of the screenshot are legible.

3. Finally, fill out the Price Drop claim form and make sure to attach the screenshot.

The person in charge of the Price Drop Protection will contact with you by e-mail to decide further actions. Please note that it may take a few days for the claim to be processed.

The travel credit obtained following a Price Drop Protection claim will be available upon your return from your trip in the Travel Credit section of your Profile.  Here is what you need to know about the travel credit: 

  • The travel credit can only be applied to a new minimum 7-day all-inclusive South Vacation Package;

  • The travel credit must be redeemed entirely in one transaction during the booking process;

  • The credit is valide for one (1) year from the claim date and you will need to have booked AND traveled before the expiration date of the travel credit;

  • The travel credit is issued in the name of all the adult passengers included in the initial booking that was eligible for the Price Drop Protection. Names cannot be modified and the travel credit is non-transferable. Only individuals whose names appear on the new booking and on the credit can take advantage of the refund. The unused portion of a passenger missing from the new booking will be lost;

  • When you make a new booking, you are responsible to inform the travel agent that you would like to redeem a travel credit. For online bookings, you are responsible to indicate, in the appropriate space, that you have a travel credit in your name.

For any questions about the Price Drop Protection, please contact a travel agent by phone at 1-844-727-2437 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Raincoat Protection

Our Raincoat Protection allows travelers whose vacation was spoiled by rain to receive a travel credit as compensation. The travel credit amount varies depending on rainfall. This unique protection is completely free of charge and is exclusive to Cheaper Vacations®' customers who book an eligible 7-night or more South Vacation Package*.

In order to be eligible, make sure the package selected displays the Raincoat Protection logo image.png during the booking process. You are automatically protected in case of multiple rainy days during your vacation if you see the logo above. No need to sign up or fill out long forms! Please note that the Raincoat Protection is not available on promotional rates, including Top Chrono Deals and group packages.  

The table below shows the applicable compensation percentage* depending on the length of your vacation package and the number of rainy days during your stay. In other words, the travel credit amount offered as compensation will be higher if there were many rainy days and lower if there were few rainy days.


To make sure we use reliable and impartial data when evaluating claims, we refer to weather.com (and its affiliate site, wunderground.com). Every hour, we record the weather data available on this site for each of the destinations covered by the Raincoat Protection.


*The compensation percentage is offered on the amount of your package, before taxes and applicable fees.

The Raincoat Protection specifies that one day of rain equals to five consecutive hours of rain between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. The data is collected by weather.com (and its subsidiary wunderground.com) at the weather station closest to your hotel. The following words are equivalent to the word rain: t-storm, rain, thunder, shower, drizzle and thunderstorm.

 Cheaper Vacation® reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify, cancel or restrict access to the Raincoat Protection, at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. The Raincoat Protection does not apply to hurricanes. In addition, although weather.com (and its subsidiary wunderground.com) is a reliable and respected source, there may be discrepancies between the actual weather on site (hotel complex) and the weather conditions displayed on the website, since weather stations are not located within hotel complexes. In the event of discrepancies, the weather.com (and its subsidiary wunderground.com) data will take precedence in the evaluation of claims since, in most cases, this data usually reflects the actual situation.

In the event of rain during your vacation, you must submit a claim online within 5 days (120 hours) of your return. Please visit https://cheapervacations.com/umbrella-protection-claim to establish eligibility for compensation.

Payment methods accepted

We accept payment by credit card (up to four different credit cards per booking), bank transfers and gift cards. At the agency, we also accept debit and cash payments.

Please note that if the cardholder is not a traveler on file, an agent will most likely contact you to complete a security check. If we are unable to speak to the bearer of the card, Cheaper Vacations® reserves the right to cancel the booking without further notice.

You can view your travel credits in your Profile under the Travel Credits section. When processing a payment of an online booking, it will be possible to enter manually the travel credit code(s). If you are logged in to your profile, our system will automatically suggest you to use the various credits you have in your account. For bookings made with an agent over the phone or at the agency, you can simply mention that you have travel credits or give the codes in order to redeem them.

You may redeem up to two travel credits for bookings made more than 45 days prior departure. However, the amount of your travel credits plus the instant rebate (if applicable) must not exceed the value of the final payment minus the deposit. For example: your trip costs $ 2,000 and your deposit is $ 500. Therefore, the cumulative amount of your reductions cannot exceed $ 1,500.

It is also possible to apply up to two travel credits for bookings made within 45 days of your departure date. However, travel credits are not applicable on Westjet and Sunquest packages.

Each travel credit is different. Some may have date restrictions or may be used only on certain products. In order to see your travel credit restrictions, please go to your Profile in the Travel Credits section and click on the "i" icon to view more details. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our travel agents at 1-844-727-2437 if you have any questions regarding your travel credits.

Rewards Club

As of October 31, 2017, CheaperVacations® no longer issues rewards points. To make sure you get to take advantage of the points that you accumulated before this date, the points will automatically be converted to a travel credit that you can apply on your next reservation. The travel credit will be valid for two (2) years, or until October 31, 2019. Note that you will only be able to apply the credit on a new reservation. To find out your points balance, go to the travel credit tab in your profile.    

If you made a reservation before October 31, 2017, but your trip is scheduled after this date, your points—which are normally added to your account after you return from your trip—will still be issued to you and automatically converted to a travel credit. You will see them appear directly in your profile after you return from your trip.

For questions about rewards points, write us at [email protected].


Travel insurance can easily be purchased during the booking process whether you book online, at the agency or by phone. 

If you did not buy travel insurance when booking your trip and would like to add it later, you can do so directly with a travel agent by phone at 1-844-727-2437 or online

Travel insurance is essential. Depending on your level of coverage, it will protect you against possible trip cancelation or interruption, loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings. It may also cover injury-related expenses incurred during your trip. Make sure you have adequate coverage at all times. If in doubt, contact one of our travel agents.

Yes. Since May 2010, travelers to Cuba may be required to provide proof of medical insurance upon arrival in the country. A medical assistance card or a valid insurance certificate for the full length of the stay will be required.

Travelers who are unable to provide proof of insurance may be required to obtain insurance from a local company.

Travelers should be aware that Cuban authorities do not allow people with unpaid medical bills to leave the country.

No worries! If you did not buy travel insurance when booking your trip and would like to add it later, you can do so directly with a travel agent by phone at 1-844-727-2437 or online


Usually, hurricane season lasts from the end of June until October. Just like winters in Canada, it is difficult to predict whether the season will be active or relatively quiet. It varies from year to year.

To track hurricane activity, refer to the National Hurricane Center’s website.

 All suppliers have a hurricane policy to protect travelers. Please refer to their respective policies by clicking on the following links:

Caribe Sol Download the PDF
Transat  Refer to web page
Club Med 
Refer to web page
Refer to web page
 Download the PDF
Air Canada Refer to web page

Note that hurricane policies may change depending on the seriousness of the situation. We work closely with suppliers to obtain the most up-to-date real-time information during hurricane season. We post information provided by our tour operators on our forum (French only) as soon as we receive it. We get in touch with our customers whose travel conditions change as soon as we are informed. Bookings are prioritized based on departure dates.

Travel advice

You are going on a trip and want to make sure not to forget anything? Here’s a helpful travel packing list: PDF (300KB)

Most airlines accommodate passengers who make special meal requests in advance, but this is never guaranteed. Most carriers can offer you a vegetarian meal or a special meal if you have food allergies. Enter your request in the “Special requests” field when booking online or contact your travel agent to make the request.  

Seat selection is not mandatory. However, if you would like a specific seat or make sure you will be sitting next to your travel companions, we strongly recommend selecting your seat before your departure.

If you do not select your seat prior to your departure, free seats will be assigned at the airport on a “first come, first served” basis.

Please refer to the comparative table for seat selection fees or visit airline websites.

Sunwing/Signature: www.sunwing.ca

Transat: www.airtransat.com

Air Canada: www.aircanada.com

WestJet: www.westjet.com

Please refer to the comparative table to find out the maximum baggage weight and dimension allowance or visit airline websites.

Caribe Sol: https://www.holasunholidays.ca/faq/

Transat: https://www.airtransat.com/en-CA/Travel-information/Baggage

WestJet: www.westjet.com/en-ca/travel-info/baggage/index

Sunwing/Signature: http://www.flysunwing.com/travelinfo/baggageinfo.asp

Air Canada: http://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/plan/baggage.html

For all other airlines or if you have any questions, please contact a travel agent by email at [email protected] 

You must provide a parental consent letter when a minor child (in his/her province of residence) is traveling:

  • with only one parent (whether he/she has custody or not);
  • with his/her legal guardian(s) or;
  • without his parents or legal guardians.

This letter may be required by immigration authorities when entering or leaving a foreign country. It may also be required by Canadian immigration authorities when returning to Canada. While it is strongly recommended to simplify travel with Canadian children, a consent letter is not a legal requirement in Canada.

The Government of Canada provides a sample parental consent letter on its website.

In addition, it is recommended that you have the letter certified by a Commissioner of Oaths.

Your travel agent is by far your greatest ally when it comes to questions or concerns you might have about your upcoming trip. Feel free to contact your travel agent by email or phone. A lot of information can be found about your destination on the Government of Canada website.

Fore more details on their general terms and conditions, please refer to the tour operator or the airline's websites: 

Vacances Air Canada: www.vacations.aircanada.com

Transat: www.airtransat.com

Caribe Sol: www.caribesol.ca

Sunwing: www.sunwing.ca

Signature: www.signaturevacations.com

Westjet: www.westjet.com

Sunquest: www.sunquest.ca


Besides exclusively offering the broadest selection of NCL cruises to book online in Canada, our travel agents will be delighted to help you plan and book your dream cruise with any other cruise line. Call us at 1-844-727-2437 or visit us at the agency!

If you are booked or planning a cruise on board one of Norwegian Cruise Line vessels, please visit this link in order to know important information regarding your cruise. Among other things, you will find information regarding check-in, services offered on board, code of conduct, and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Covid-19

You have nothing to do at this point. Due to the current situation, our reduced team handles hundreds of files daily and continues to work very hard in order to send you your documents within a maximum of six weeks. We thank you in advance for your patience! 

We invite you to take a look at the different policies issued by each tour operator at cheapervacations.com/notice. These are updated as soon as the tour operators send us the information.

Please note that at the time of writing, tour operators do not offer refunds. Regardless of the situation, we must, unfortunately, follow instructions issued by them. Cheaper Vacations® is subject to these policies. We cannot modify or change these policies and we are truly sorry about that.

Please note that delivery times are longer than usual due to the current situation. We plan to send them out next week and the following week. Thank you for your patience.

The travel credit is of the same value as what you paid when you booked your trip. You can therefore use the value of the travel credit on the product of your choice (except for our Top Chrono products).

Please note that by booking with us, you are protected by the Office de la protection du consommateur (Consumer Protection Office) since we hold a travel agency license. In the event of bankruptcy, whether it is the airline, the tour operator or even the travel agency, you will get compensation.

If the tour operator's destination representative did not mention anything to you during your stay, you must send a request to the tour operator to find out what compensation options are available. If you wish to make such a request, we invite you to contact one of our travel agents to give us the facts and we will make the request on your behalf.

Each case is unique; refund is not automatic nor guaranteed. We invite you to contact us and we will make the request with the insurer on your behalf.

Restrictions depend on the country of destination, you can consult the Sherpa online tool to get the latest information on restrictions. Please note that our travel agents use the same tool.

Uplift - monthly payments

Uplift is a payment solution that allows you to pay for your trip over budget-friendly, fixed monthly installments. Since you don’t have to pay the full amount all at once, you can make your dream vacation become reality. Some plans include interest while some are interest-free. When you're ready to checkout, just select "Uplift" as your payment method, complete a short application, and receive a quick decision. Choose the terms of your payment plan, finish checking out, and enjoy your purchase.

It’s an easy way to treat yourselves while respecting your budget!

It’s super easy! You only have to follow the regular reservation steps and select Fixed Monthly Payments at checkout. Fill in a short form with some basic information like your mobile number and date of birth. If you're approved, you will be presented with your loan offers which indicate the amount to be paid monthly.

You can then complete your reservation and wait until take off!

Several elements including the details of the selected trip and your credit file are taken into account by Uplift to determine the loan term offers. It is Uplift, at its sole discretion, that determines the loan decisioning and the amount of the monthly installments.

Go to pay.uplift.com, then click on the Make a payment button under the Loans tab to make your monthly payment. It couldn’t be easier!

Absolutely! You may travel before your trip package is paid in full. However, it is important that there be a few days between your reservation and your departure date so that the loan request can be processed in time.

Yes. Uplift is a recognized company in the travel industry and does business with some of the biggest names in the industry. Click on the links below to read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy : https://www.uplift.com/en-ca/privacy/

Terms of Use : https://www.uplift.com/en-ca/terms/

Cheaper Vacations® offers monthly payments with all tour operators except Hola Sun. Hola Sun's South Vacation packages are no longer supported by this payment method, as Uplift is an American company.

Top Chrono Deals

They are the best prices in the industry! As simple as that! Take advantage of a wide selection of discounted all-inclusive packages to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and more! These exclusive offers, booked on a group basis, are available for a limited time and in limited numbers. Don't wait too long to book, because at these prices, the offers fly out the window!

A Top Chrono is an all-inclusive package which includes :  

  • round-trip flights;

  • hotel accommodation; 

  • hotel inclusions according to room type;

  • transfer from airport to hotel and back;

  • contribution to the Quebec travel agents' customer compensation fund (OPC).

To make your seat selection, please contact one of our advisors at 1 844 727-2437.

In order to honor our agreements with tour operators, final payment is required at the time of booking. No exceptions are possible.

We'll take care of everything! Our team will send your electronic documents within 21 days of your departure, to all the email addresses listed in your reservation.

Yes, of course! Online check-in is available on the airline's website 24 hours before departure. Your reservation or airline confirmation number will be indicated on the electronic documents sent to you 21 days before departure. Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact our team of advisors at 1 844 727-2437.

Top Chrono packages are group packages offered at an incredibly low price thanks to our purchasing power. These packages differ from regular bookings in that they are booked under a contract. The terms and conditions are also stricter.

All discounts and benefits have already been included in the price. No additional discounts and/or promotions and/or additional protection and/or tour operator travel credits can be redeemed.

The very attractive prices of Top Chrono packages are exclusive to Cheaper Vacations. All requests concerning your reservation (seat selections, special requests, etc.) must therefore be handled by Cheaper Vacations’ group department. 


No changes can be made to departure date, destination, hotel, room type, or length of stay.

For all other changes, please contact an agent at 1-844-727-2437. Fees apply.*

For all other inquiries regarding Top Chrono packages, please consult the FAQ.

In addition to these fees, Cheaper Vacations charges a $100 administrative fee per file for any change or cancellation. All fees are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

As this is a group reservation, access to your reservation on the airline's or the hotel’s website and mobile application is not available on your side. If you have any questions about your reservation, please contact one of our advisors at 1 844 727-2437.