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Are you a group of 15 adults or more? Here are the benefits you can enjoy by booking your vacation with Cheaper Vacations®!


Promotional rate

Traveling in group brings many attractive benefits, including promotional pricing. Note that the discount varies according to the trip chosen.

Complimentary trip

Complimentary trip**

In most cases, when forming a group, you will receive a complimentary trip for one of the people traveling with you.


Seat selection

In most cases, you will get a promotional rate on your seat selection (plane) when you travel in group.


Personalized service

Throughout the booking process, you can take advantage of the personalized services of group travel experts.



Before your departure, it will be possible to book excursions and get discounts and complimentary entries for your group. Find out about the possibilities available to you.


Price match

In addition to shopping for the best package with the largest companies, we are committed to adjusting our price if you receive an equivalent offer from a competitor.



Golf, yoga, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, kitesurfing, cycling, hiking... No matter what sport you like, we can organize the perfect group trip for you!


Why not have your next business meeting under the sun? A business trip would be a great way to inspire your staff. Your team would be even more motivated!


Bring your family together for a most memorable trip! Children, parents, grandparents... Take advantage of this moment spent together to have fun, rest and share time with those you love.


Whether it's to mark your birthday, the end of your studies, your school break or any other important step in your life, a trip with friends is a pleasant and unique way to celebrate!

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