Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

This policy applies to Cheaper Vacations®' customers and web users (including social media).

At Cheaper Vacations®, we take the integrity and security of your personal information seriously. Your trust is important to us and that's why our company takes all necessary measures to ensure the protection and respect of your privacy.

Policy purpose

The purpose of this policy is to inform you of how we treat, collect and communicate your personal information.

The practices surrounding this Privacy & Confidentiality Policy (hereinafter the "Policy") comply with applicable federal and provincial laws and regulations.

Data collected

In this Policy, the information about an individual that could allow to identify them (e-mail address, telephone number, financial information, mailing address, etc.) is referred to as "Personal Information".

Cheaper Vacations® collects your personal information in several ways. It can be transmitted through a booking or an exchange with one of our travel agents or another staff member, either online, over the phone or in person, at the agency. It can also come from a survey, a contest, a newsletter subscription or our social media platforms.

Here are some types of personal information that Cheaper Vacations® may collect about you, depending on the circumstances:

  • Your name;
  • Your contact details such as telephone number, mailing and e-mail address ;
  • Information on the payment method used (including the credit card number, its expiration date and CVV code) ;
  • Information relating to your booking ;
  • Your passport number;
  • Your date of birth, gender and nationality ;
  • Your personal preferences, travel preferences and certain special conditions to ensure the smooth running of your trip (examples: medical problems, criminal record, etc.) ;
  • All other details about a problem you have had in the past that is likely to impact your trip.

Minor Information Collected

The site is not intended for minors without parental consent. The only information collected on children is that required for booking purposes. It is kept in our databases for 3 years after the date of return for legal purposes only.


In order to ensure the excellence of our customer service, all telephone conversations between Cheaper Vacations® and its clients are recorded. The same goes for electronic conversations, such as e-mail exchanges and instant messaging. In the event of a problematic situation or a dispute, we can access these recordings and provide you with copies if necessary.

We also use cookies and pixels that allow us to identify your device and some of your consumer behavior when you log on one of our web platforms. These small text files, which may be stored on your computer's hard drive, are only used if your web browser allows them. Thus, by accessing Cheaper Vacations®' websites and mobile applications, you acknowledge having read the information given to you on the purpose of any action aimed at accessing the information that is already stored in your device or new (cookies) and the possible means to oppose it. You should also be aware that if a loved one uses your devices, this information may be collected on your behalf.

Pour configurer vos préférences relatives aux témoins (cookies), cliquez ici.

Use and communication of information

Cheaper Vacations® uses and discloses your personal information primarily to:

  • Communicate with you about your booking ;
  • Communicate with partner tour operators and service providers about your booking (airlines, insurance companies, hotels, etc.) ;
  • Answer your questions about the purchase of a future trip ;
  • Establish and confirm your identity to ensure the security of the financial information that was used to make a purchase (fraud prevention) ;
  • Ensure and control the quality of customer service ;
  • Target your needs and preferences and inform you of services, benefits and promotions that may be of interest to you (to the extent provided by law) ;
  • Promote its products, perform customer analyzes, send newsletters and conduct surveys, to the extent provided by law (please note that at any time, you can unsubscribe from newsletters by clicking on a link at the bottom of the e-mail) ;
  • All other purposes authorized or required by law.

It is also important to note that Cheaper Vacations® is not responsible for the use and communication of the personal information that you provide yourself to third parties involved in your trip. Cheaper Vacations® cannot therefore be held responsible for their policies, procedures and practices in terms of privacy and confidentiality.


Our staff are aware of how important it is to protect your personal information and receive extensive training in that regard. In addition, it is with a set of material, organizational and technological means that we ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and that we protect it against loss, theft, transmission, reproduction, use, or modification.

We are also very careful and comply with this Policy when disclosing your personal information to the suppliers and partners involved in your booking. These could be outside Quebec.

Access to your personal information

Once we have correctly identified you, you can ask to see the personal information we hold about you, as the law allows or requires. In some cases, a written request from you may be necessary.

In the context of a booking, the personal information that you have provided to us cannot be transmitted or modified by a family member, a friend or a third person if the latter is neither a traveler nor a payer on file, unless you have consented verbally.

Access to your personal information is subject to the jurisdiction of local laws and courts.

Accuracy and modification of your personal information

If there are changes to be made to your personal information (change of address, change of telephone number, etc.), please call us as soon as possible in order to keep your file and our databases up to date. For our part, we make every effort to verify that the personal information you provide us at the time of booking is complete.

At any time, you can request that corrections be made to the personal information we hold about you. We then take care of transmitting the updates of your current booking, if necessary, to our suppliers and partners who are directly concerned with your file.

Chief Privacy Officer

Guillaume Prieur-Laurin
Cheaper Vacations®
699, boulevard Thibeau, suite 100
Trois-Rivières (Québec)  G8T 7A2
1 844 727-2437 #2251

Contact us

If you have any comments, questions, requests to access, rectify or delete your personal information, this Policy or our internal procedures for handling personal information, please contact our customer service department.

In writing:
Customer Service
Cheaper Vacations®
699, boulevard Thibeau, suite 100
Trois-Rivières (Québec)  G8T 7A2

By e-mail: [email protected]

Last update

En raison de l’évolution rapide des règles relatives à la protection des renseignements personnels et à la vie privée, la présente politique peut être modifiée sans préavis. Cette version a été mise à jour le 15 mars 2024.