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5 good reasons to work at Cheaper Vacations


We make you travel

Working for us will give you great discounts on future trips. Yes, you read that right!


Attractive social benefits

Cheaper Vacations® provides you with many social benefits, such as a pension plan, a group insurance program, your vehicle's lettering in exchange for compensation, and more.


Tailor-made training

At Cheaper Vacations®, we favor personalized training. We thus develop the skills and knowledge of our employees on an ongoing basis.


Pleasure at will

Christmas party, friendship mail on Valentine's Day, sugar shack, summer BBQ, annual convention, Halloween party, team building activities... In short, we have fun all year round!


A friendly atmosphere

Because we spend a good part of our life together, it is essential that we establish a good atmosphere at work. Here, the environment is stimulating and full of challenges! You will work within a passionate, young, and dynamic team.

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