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Your 2020 Resolutions!

December 30, 2019
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Do you make the same resolutions year after year? Here are ten suggestions to let the sunshine into your next year.

10 - Maintain an active social life

guided tours

Your social life hasn't been at its best this year? We have exactly what you need to rectify the situation. Take one of our Our Guided Tours and exchange with people who share the same passion as you: travel the world!

9 - Volunteer

volunteering world

Did you know that it is possible to volunteer abroad? In fact, several Third World countries are looking for volunteers who are willing to spend a few weeks in their country in order to help their population in need. All you have to do is find the volunteer project that matches your values.

8 - Take time for yourself

yoga retreats

There's nothing like taking care of yourself to start the year off on the right foot. Many yoga retreats take place in beautiful locations around the world. Surround yourself with positive energy. Bali, India, Morocco or the Bahamas are just a few examples. Namaste!

7 - Reconnect as a couple

couple at the beach

Do you feel like your relationship took a backseat over the last year? It can sometimes be difficult to spend quality time with your partner between family life and your two jobs. Why not spend a romantic week together under the warm Caribbean sun? A ton of resorts are specially designed for couples to reignite their passion!

6 - Breath new air

going on a cruise

If you feel the need for change, why not go on a cruise? Come aboard an impressive ship, be gently rocked by the waves, enjoy generous meals on board and discover several countries in one trip.

5 - Shop within your budget 

ours top chrono offers

After Christmas, our budget is normally tighter due to all the gifts purchased for our loved ones. However, it is still possible to treat yourself to a vacation at the best prices of the industry thanks to our Top Chrono offers!

4 - Feel like a child again

trip to disney

There's no age to fall back into childhood, you could watch your favorite kids' movies, go back to your hometown or enjoy a trip to Disney! Travel with family, friends or as a couple and be enchanted by this incredible kingdom featuring holiday magic.

3 - Learn something new

cirque du soleil club med

Would you like to fulfill your dreams by learning something new? Did you know that some resorts specialize in water sports activities, such as surfing and diving? Even better, Club Med offers you an immersive experience to practice your circus techniques in a playground designed by none other than Cirque du Soleil.

2 - Spend time with your family

family vacations

It is often said that the important focus is to live in the present when spending time with your family. One of the best ways to enjoy quality time with your loved ones is to travel down South! What could be better than a vacation in the sun, surrounded by the members of your family?

1 - Just travel

woman at the beach

In 2020, spoil yourself with a trip. Whether you would like to celebrate an event, spend time with your loved ones or simply pamper yourself, traveling is much more than just relaxing in an all-inclusive package. It allows you to regain your energy and replenish yourself, to escape from the daily routine for a few days, and to strengthen your ties with your family and friends.

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